Where Can I Go For A Short Break In Australia?

Where Can I Go For A Short Break In Australia?

It is not always easy to take a long break using your annual leave. Sometimes the stack of paperwork cannot wait. But do you realize you don’t always have to take a long trip to rejuvenate yourself? You can boost your energy by making the most of your weekend for short breaks Australia. You can simply choose what kind of leisure activities you prefer to do during the quick getaway, it can be resting in a beautiful hotel room, tasting the unique local dishes, or even an adventurous retreat in your destination. If you are unsure of what to choose, this article will share some ideas that you can try.

  • Experience many activities at the Hilli Goat Farm

If your daily routine consists of working in front of the computer from your cubicle, it is the best time for you to rest. Try to experience the many activities offered by the local family-run farm that is popular in Norfolk Island. Hilli Goat Farm offers you a lot of things beyond your expectations. Experience an up-close interaction with the friendly goats as you delve into the rich history of the farm, all while indulging in a delicious buffet showcasing the authentic cuisines of the region, for example, spicy vegetables, zucchini, and freshly made goat’s cheese. If you are interested in the art of cheese making, you can learn it directly here!

  • Delight in the beautiful coastal walk through the Bridle Track

Take your hiking shoes and spend your weekend by taking a trek around the Bridle Track. The pathway will take you through the dense forest, alongside little streams, and see some cliff edges. While the journey may present challenges, the awe-inspiring coastal vistas along the way will lift your spirits and transform the hike into a truly rewarding adventure. The most impressive sights of this track are the scenery over Bird Rock and Elephant Rock around the midway point of the route. If you want to stay a little longer, you can enjoy the outdoor space by setting up picnic tables and barbeques. You don’t need to bring your own, as they provide such facilities here.  

  • Witness the beauty of life under the water in Slaughter Bay

Slaughter Bay is well known for its rich and beautiful nature under the water. It has now become a fantastic swimming and snorkelling location. You can savour its beauty without getting wet, and simply relish the views through the crystal-clear window of a glass-bottom boat cruise. You will be astounded by the colourful fishes and magnificent corals. The friendly fishes are approachable, just be gentle to avoid startling them, and you’ll have no trouble spotting them gracefully gliding through the water. There is also an enormous reef near the shoreline that protects the bay from sharks.

Now that you’ve found some great Norfolk island tours ideas, deciding on your next Australian getaway should be easy. Let these options inspire and refresh you for your upcoming short trip!