Why is a sales enablement tool needed?

sales enablement tool
Many organizations report marketing and sales team working in silos. As a result, a lot of valuable content and knowledge about a lead generated by the marketing team gets lost when transitioned to the sales team. A sales enablement tool tries to break the silos and makes sure that both teams communicate and collaborate well so that the overall sales funnel is made smooth and incites a better degree of conversions.
Perhaps this explains why 75% of B2B companies concur that sales enablement makes a moderate to a significant impact on their business. 
Here are some compelling reasons why sales enablement tools are the need of the hour in today’s dynamic business landscape –   

  • Such technology offers sales reps access to knowledge resources and information that customers expect in order to drive productive conversations. With such rich information, your sales team is empowered to accelerate business deals and convert the prospects successfully. 
  • Such sales enablement platforms come in handy as sales rep come late into the picture. Marketers may have already gathered a wealth of data around the prospects and his preferences and problems. Access to such information at the time of the sales reps’ meeting will help in the smooth progress of the buyer’s journey.
  • The sales rep knows where to access all references of previous communication and correspondence with the prospect so that he creates a favorable impression on the lead’s minds. 
  • Since the sales rep gets all knowledge from a single portal, he need not spend time hunting and searching for information. This USP leaves him with more time to create an optimal impact with the actual selling.

To conclude
These were some reasons why your company needs to go with a sales enablement platform. The ideal tool will help the marketing and sales team to work in complete sync so that lead generation and conversion objectives are met with ease. Have you tried out the Crescendo sales enablement app? Give it a try and see your customer acquisition target met successfully.