When is it Wise to Take a Personal Loan?

A Personal Loan can come handy when you are experiencing a cash crunch. Although this loan comes with many benefits and is easy to apply for and get, you should borrow it only if you feel that it is the right financing option for your needs. In order to decide whether taking a Personal Loan is the right choice for you, weigh your circumstances against its cost and benefits. In order to make this easy, here is a quick look at the situations where taking a Personal Loan online is ideal.
To Meet a Short-term Requirement
You may have planned to fund office repairs by using money from a client’s payment. Alternatively, you may want to make hotel bookings for your family vacation with your yearly bonus. However, in case your payment or bonus gets delayed by a few months, you will have to delay your plans too. But, instead of postponing your plans due to short-term financial hurdles, fund them using a instant Personal Loan. Select it with repayment flexibility, such as the one offered by NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv. Here you can make repayment convenient by choosing a tenor between 12 and 60 months. Also, make prepayments on the loan when you receive your bonus or payment with ease.
To Access Funds Quickly during Emergencies

In case of an emergency situation, you will not have a lot of time to raise finance. At such a time, you can use a Personal Loan to get the money that you need. For example, during a medical emergency, you will need access to sufficient funds on an urgent basis. Here, a Personal Loan will be very helpful. You can also check your eligibility for Personal Loan easily before you apply for the loan.
EMI calculator
To Consolidate Existing Debt
A Personal Loan is a very useful when you choose it to consolidate existing debt. This is because you can club and repay all your loans and dues with one loan. Besides, instead of multiple EMIs, you will only have to repay one EMI when you use this loan to consolidate debt. More importantly, with just one EMI, your total interest payment will be lower. Not only will this significantly reduce your monthly outflow, but it will also help you repay your debt quicker. You can calculate EMIs in advance with the help of an EMI calculator.
Avoid taking a Personal Loan for the following purposes:
To Invest in the Stock Market: Never take a Personal Loan to invest in market instruments. Avoid this despite the temptation of better returns. This is because investing in market securities is subject to high risk and volatility, and you may lose your money. Instead, contribute an amount that you can afford towards an SIP. This option will allow you to invest in the stock market in a safe way, based on your current affordability.
To Lend Money to a Friend: Your intention maybe to help a friend or family member, but using a Personal Loan for this purpose isn’t ideal. This is largely because you may trust your friend, but you can’t control his/her financial situation. Instead of taking a Personal Loan on behalf of someone else, assist him or her with applying for this loan. If he/she has a bad credit score, you can advise him/her to apply for a joint loan with a spouse or sibling.
To Gamble: Refrain from indulging in risky practices such as gambling with funds from a Personal Loan, or otherwise. While it seems like quick money, you can never be sure of the outcome and may end up in a debt trap.
Apart from meeting immediate needs, you can also increase your credit score when you take a Personal Loan for the right reasons. You can achieve this outcome by repaying the loan successfully, and on time. This also helps you save time and simplifies the whole process of availing financing.