World’s 5 Oldest Ships which are still Sailing today

The world in which we live today is collectively shaped by the naval history. However, most of these enormous beauties are no more in service and have been lost. Luckily, still, there are people and organizations who work dedicatedly to preserve the historically-significant vessels. So, here we have made a list of which has set the record of spending more time on seas than all the other ships in service.
Before reading further we highly encourage you to read Boat vs Ship so that you’re familiar with the nautical terms.

1. USS Constitution

Type: Three-masted heavy frigate
Year Built: 1797
Claim to Fame: The oldest commissioned naval vessel in the world and the oldest seaworthy ship in the world.
The USS Constitution is one of the national pride for American people and is an endearing US military icon. She was a part of the War in 1812 against Britishers, before she started serving in the Mediterranean and Pacific Squadrons.
This beauty was in active service for about 100 long years of her bicentennial history. She made a recent comeback after Naval Commander David Cashman’s proposal to a seaworthy condition to make sure that she was able to sail under her own power and to mark her grand 200th anniversary in the year 1997.

2. Charles W. Morgan  

Type: Whaling ship
Year Built: 1841
Claim to Fame: The oldest surviving merchant vessel in the world.
This ship went through a complete restoration from the year 2010 to 2014. This is the reason why Charles W. Morgan spent much of her time moored than being sold. During the year, she was undertaken on a tour of the New England port which was considered as a successful tour.
Charles W. Morgan was amongst the whaling ships during her active life. She made over 37 voyages amongst which some were 5 years long. She is the one who brought about 150000 pounds of whalebone and more than 54000 barrels of whale oil to the home of New Bedford, Massachusetts.

3. Star of India

Type: Windjammer
Year Built: 1863
Claim to Fame: The world’s oldest ship still regularly sailing
This iron-hulled merchant ship is still in service. She was named as Euterpe and started her life in the Isle of Man. Her career is sailing in the high seas which is between India, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. However a couple of years ago, severe accidents shook the nerve of the ship’s crew.
The ship became the Star of India in the year 1901 after she was sold on to the Alaska Packers’ Association and was used for ferry workers. She was later restored in the1960s and is now seen sailing off her home coast of San Diego.

4. El Mahrousa

Type: Superyacht
Year Built: 1865
Claim to Fame: Oldest active yacht in the world
This ship is an Egyptian presidential yacht and was owned by no less than three Egyptian political leaders. It has an incredibly rich history. She was also the largest yacht in the world for an incredible 119 years but later was replaced by the Prince Abdulaziz in the year 1984.
Currently, she only sails on the sea for about only three times a year and is still a presidential yacht. She recently was participated in August 2015 in the inauguration of the New Suez Canal.

5. James Craig

Type: Three-masted barque
Year Built: 1874
Claim to Fame: World’s Oldest extant three-masted barque
This 19th-Century ship is considered as one of the mightiest cargo ships which managed to travel around the Cape Horn, 23 times in about 26 years. After which it was sold to a person from Australia. The ship was named as the James Craig and it sailed cargo to New Zealand from Australia from the year 1905 to 1911. However, due to the rising competition from steamships, she became a collier, then a hulk, followed by being abandoned altogether.
In the year 1932, she was sunk by fishermen but later in 1972, it was dragged to Hobart for repairings. Currently, the beauty is based in Sydney and is been sailing regularly ever since her restoration. She has even sailed back to Hobart four times since then!