“Yeah Yeah Laugh it Up” -Jimmy Butler With his “Emo” Hair Look

“Yeah Yeah Laugh it Up” -Jimmy Butler With his “Emo” Hair Look

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Jimmy Butler truly owns NBA Media Day like no other. 

The event, signaling the informal beginning of the basketball season, commenced on October 2. Players from various teams reconnected after their summer break. 

While many players took the time to discuss the upcoming 2023-2024 season, shoot light-hearted videos, and pose for team pictures, Butler chose this occasion to showcase his remarkable hair makeover.

Miami Heat’s 34-year-old star player, Jimmy Butler, is known for using NBA Media Day to show off his ever-changing hairstyles.

Last season, he grabbed attention with his long dreadlocks, photos of which became viral sensations on social platforms and were often used for game promotions on TV. 

This year, as the anticipated NBA photo day approached, Butler gave fans a sneak peek of his latest look via Instagram. He posted multiple images on his story, showcasing his dark nail color, and new piercings on his nose, lip, and eyebrows. 

In one video, as Fall Out Boy’s “Thnks fr the Mmrs” played, a stylist was seen straightening Butler’s hair from behind.

When the day arrived, Butler confidently entered the Kaseya Center, Miami Heat’s home ground, displaying his makeover. His freshly straightened hair, draped partly over his face, complemented his all-black attire – slack pants, a tee, and a long black coat adorned with a white skull design and phrases, one of which read, “The harder you look the harder you look.” 

Switching to his No. 22 jersey, Butler met up with Miami Heat’s head coach, Erik Spoelstra, and the coaching team. At his press meet, entering with a flair, he humorously warned, “Don’t make me break character right now.”

When a few journalists laughed, he playfully tossed his hair, remarking, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, laugh it up.” A reporter remarked on Butler’s “braids” from the previous year, asking, “What’s this?” Butler clarified,  “I had dreads last year, for the last time. What’s this? This is  my emotional state. I’m one with my emotions. So, this is what you get.”