10 Basic Tips for How to use Microsoft OneNote

Let us talk about Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft One Note is a computer program using for information gathering and multi-user association. You can add text in notes, capture images, insert audio and video , handwriting and similar content in your notebook. Microsoft One Note collects and organizes the information, making it available for searching as well as sharing with others.

Microsoft One Note is the application of Microsoft office suite and it also sync One note data between computer and device by Microsoft sky drive cloud storage device

Most popular apps for using one Note are available for apple’s iPhone and iPad, windows phone, android portable device, and open Note notes can also be viewed in web browsers via web apps.  

Tips for Use Microsoft OneNote

Steps for how to use Microsoft One Note:-

  1. Create Notebook

notebooks are a collection of note pages, start by the creating notebook then build from here. Best way of all gong paperless means you don’t have to burden around multiple notebooks.

2.Add or move your note book pages

Digital notebook is the ability to add more pages or move pages around with in your notebook and your organization is fluid, allowing you to arrange and rearrange each piece of your project.

  1. Type or write notes

you can enter notes by typing or handwriting, depending on the type of device where you are using, such as using your voice or taking a photo of text and having it converted to editable or digital text, but we will start with the basics first.

  1. Create sections

you may find the need to create topical sections for better organization so this Sections help you for arrange topic or a range of dates.

  1. Tag and Prioritize Notes

Organize notes with searchable tags for example including tags for To-Do action items or Shopping items could help you get items from multiple notes while at a single store.

  1. Include image, documents, audio, video and more

 You can include other file types and information to clarify your notes. You can Add files to a notebook of several notes or attach them and also capture some of these other files like as images, audio and video.

  1. Add blank space

 In One Note, so many items and notes in a notebook, inserting blank space can be a good idea, so you know how to do this.

  1. Delete or recover notes

 When deleting notes always be careful, but if you want to remove one, you should be a able for recover it.

  1. Use the One Note mobile app or free online app

  Microsoft One Note provides feature use One Notes on the go with mobile apps made for android, ios, and windows phone devices. And you can also use Microsoft free online version which is require free Microsoft account.

  1. Sync notes a multiple devices

  One Note can sync mobile and desktop device, you can sync between Microsoft One Note online and offline use.

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