The 10 Best Romantic Hotels In Noida 2019 (with Prices)

Stay Uncle is a hotel booking website, providing loads of options for unmarried couples to book romantic hotels across India. This allows them to check on the hotels near me and avail extra benefits apart from certain basic amenities.

This article would look into the 10 best romantic hotels in Noida 2019, where we will look into their facilities along with the kinds of prices they charge:

Hotel Noida International:

This hotel is situated at a prime location in Central Noida, which makes it an ideal place for all kinds of travelers, who visit this place.

The price for a day is Rs 1900, with tax Rs 95, which comes to the total amount of Rs1995.

Hotel City Stay:

This particular hotel offers a luxurious experience for the couples but the price that they require to pay is extremely moderate.

The total price that one requires to pay for a room is Rs 1943.

Hotel Sarthi:

Sarthi hotel is located close to block A Community Centre, Sector 53, Noida. It has an excellent look and the rooms are available at unbelievable prices.

Couples can book a room in this romantic hotel for only Rs 2100.

Hotel Gold Leaf:

Hotel Gold Leaf is located at A-73, Block, Sector 52, Noida. This hotel is ideal for couples, with booth becoming very affordable.

Couples, willing to book a room in this hotel, would require to pay up a price of Rs 3045 for a day.

Kumar Residency:

This unmarried couple hotel is appropriate for price tariff along with the level of service for those couples. The rooms are neat and clean, spacious and very well maintained.

Booking a room over here would need couples to pay a price of Rs 2415.

OOAK Hotels:

OOAK Hotels is located in Greater Noida. The rooms might seem to be small but the decor and overall environment is a complete return on the investment.

The price that couples require to pay for a room in this hotel is Rs 2100.

Hotel Petals Inn:

This particular hotel provides very comfortable accommodation for couples in a peaceful locality.

Couples who wish to book a room in this hotel would pay a price of Rs 2100.

ACE Prime Hotel:

The ACE Prime Hotel, located in Gautam Budh Nagar, Greater Noida, is well worth a try for unmarried couples. There are various amenities that exist inside.

As a couple, you need to pay a price of Rs 3149 for a room in this hotel.

Swastika Inn – Noida:

This hotel is located opposite Kailash Hospital and happens to be an ideal couple looking for a short stay.

You need to pay a price of Rs 3045 for a room in this hotel.

Hotel P.K. Residency:

One of the couples of hotels in Noida is Hotel P.K. Residency. This hotel offers a very affordable stay for couples. It matches up to any 5-star property.

For booking a room in this hotel, couples would need to pay a price of Rs 4275.

In this article, we have looked into the 10 best romantic hotels in Noida, where couples can spend quality time, without getting judged and avail the benefits offered by those hotels. Hotel Noida International, Hotel City Stay, all these form a part of the 10 best hotels in Noida in 2019.

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