10 Corporate Gift Ideas for Holi 2020

While casual gifting is a fun thing to do, corporate gifting is an equally good business too. Bustling with a variety of gifts, the occasion of Holi entails exciting gifts that will take your colleagues by awe. Holi corporate gifts are ruling the online business, and making the best pick will only help you create a fantastic festive hamper for your colleague at work. This is because maintaining a healthy and robust bond with employees, customers, and other business groups will push your organization towards a successful goal.

Since Holi is an occasion of love, amusement, and all-that’s-merry, gift-giving and receiving the same becomes a generous gesture that is acknowledged by kids and adults alike.

Here are the top 10 Holi gifts for employees to spruce up the season of colours –

  • Planner & Organizer:

Since gifting is an essential gesture at the onset of any occasion or event, making it stand out becomes a necessary criterion. Corporate organizers and planners always work as a valuable item. They enable people to rearrange and organize their cards, loose sheets of paper, and similar items at a single place.

  • Corporate Diaries:

Who doesn’t love a diary? They’re always welcomed and never go out of trend. An object of necessity, diaries come in handy to write anything, right from to-do notes, thoughts, and poems to taking down important points. You can also try gifting a pen along with a diary.

  • Customised Chocolates:

Chocolates go a long way in etching a mark in one’s memory than any other gift item. So, this Holi sought to get personalised corporate gift boxes – assorted chocolatespacked in a decorative box with a photo of and message for your colleague. Surprise your employees to the fullest.

  • Desktop Items:

If your colleague is looking to get something fancy for the desktop, then you have an array of gift options to present them on this Holi. Gift items can range from a quirky paperweight, table clock, pen holder and table calendar to a digital clock and much more.

  • Bamboo Plant: 

Greens, especially plants, enhance the aesthetic of any place. A bamboo plant makes an excellent corporate gift because it not only signifies luck and good charm but also makes a unique Holi corporate gift.

  • Coffee Mugs:

Mugs are always useful. But when they come with a hint of quirk, nothing’s like it. Being a universal gift item, you can gift it to your boss, coworker, or even a close friend at work. Lend it a fresh and funky appeal by customising it with their name, image, or a witty quote.

  • Tech Stuff:

 Tech products are always useful and come in handy to any and every one. In this category, you may want to consider gifting pen drives, power banks, earphones, or Bluetooth speakers.

  • Wallets:

Wallets are available in plenty in the market. They work as an accessory and as well as a necessity. Hence, gifting such an item will be of great help to your colleague. You can also get them customised by engraving their initials at the bottom of the wallet.

  • Caps or Tshirts: 


Tailor-made items come under a form of art, and art is perpetually appreciated. Presenting custom-made tees and hats with a superhero or company’s logo can be a good option.

Scented Candle Holder: 

Good fragrance and a pretty jar of the candle will instantly add pep to any workspace. You can hand over a customised candle holder with a quote or a friendly greeting of the festival to add to its charm.