10 Wedding Hacks to Help You Plan Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is already difficult and on top of those predicting things like weather conditions which is out of your control can just make the entire preparation more stressful. We have come up with simple hacks below to help you lessen the stress of wedding preparations;

1. Keep Umbrellas for Rain or Shade:

Climate is unpredictable and it just so happens that when you plan a wedding date assuming that it is not a rainy season, there is still the possibility of rains. If you are having an outdoor ceremony and have not covered it, then make sure to keep umbrellas for the guests for the sun or the rain, if necessary.

2. Provide Blankets in Cold:

If you are having an outdoor wedding, then it may get cold, especially if it is an evening ceremony. Your guests may not be fully prepared to cover themselves from the cold and that may make your wedding unenjoyable. Keep a few blankets ready just in case your guests who are not prepared for the weather.

3. Serve Fresh Drinks in Hot Weather:

If the weather is too hot, keep getting fresh drinks served to make the guests feel cool. Trust me, they will appreciate your efforts and crib a little less about the weather.

4. Remind Your Guests to be Present!

Nowadays, most people are so engaged in their smartphone that they forgot to enjoy the present. Seeing your guests’ busy scrolling through their phones or a mobile ringing in the middle of your ceremony may be a little irritating hence put up a sign to remind your guests to silent their phones and enjoy the event.

7. Reusable Cups and Glasses:

Do not use disposables, instead use reusable cups and glasses. This will help save the environment from the landfills.

6. Wedding Memories:

Your wedding photographer may be busy taking your shots which leaves your guests to reply on their smartphones to click themselves at your wedding. This will make them busy on their phones and not enjoy the wedding. Hire a wedding photographer from http://www.styckie.com/service/Wedding-Photographers who can get along an assistant just to click your guests. Make a photo corner and put up signs for the guests to get their pictures taken by the professional. This will make good memories for your guests at your wedding.

7. Arrange for Entertainment:

There are gaps in the wedding where your guests may feel bored hence think of some out of the box entertainment options for your guests so that they have fun throughout your wedding.

8. Provide Dancing Shoes:

Everyone loves dancing at weddings but most ladies wear high heels which are not uncomfortable to dance hence put up a basket with comfortable shoes for dancing so that they can actually enjoy the dance floor completely.

9. Keep the Kids Busy:

A wedding can get boring for kids most of the time and they start bothering their parents hence distribute a bag of activities to all the kids to keep them entertained and busy throughout the wedding and the parents can enjoy the ceremony.

10. Add a Firepit:

This may sound fancy but actually, it is an excellent idea to keep your guests warm if it is too cold outside. Also, fire naturally adds an element to your wedding which will look unique and gorgeous. It could also become a gathering place for guests to meet and become friends.

Your wedding is your vision and you can make it really unique if you can come with simple hacks to make your day memorable just not for you but your guests too.