5 Major Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

5 Major Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

The joy of riding a motorcycle is one of the most underrated things in life. A motorcycle is an expression of freedom and adventure. Thrill-seekers regularly get their high from going for long drives. Motorcycles, however, do come with their share of risks. The following statistics shed some light on motorcycle usage and accident trends.

  • Motorcycles account for 3% of all registered vehicles in the US.
  • Motorcyclists constitute 14% of all traffic fatalities.
  • There was an 8% increase in fatalities among motorcycle riders and passengers from 2020 to 2021.
  • 83% of motorcycle fatalities occurred in good weather.
  • 59% of individuals who died in motorcycle accidents were wearing helmets.
  • 53% of motorcycle accidents involved 2 vehicles.
  • 71% of crashes occurred to motorcyclists who were not alcohol-impaired.
  • 91% of all fatalities in motorcycle accidents are men.
  • Motorcycle riders are 29 times more likely to die than other motorists.
  • Over 3,900 motorcycle accident fatalities were reported in urban areas in 2021.

The purpose of these statistics is not to scare you away from buying your dream motorcycle. Use it as a sign of caution that following the best driving practices and road rules will make your trips more enjoyable.

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, you should contact a motorcycle accident lawyer immediately. Because after a serious motorcycle accident, an individual might have suffered severe physical, emotional, and financial constraints that must be taken care of.

Knowing the causes of motorcycle accidents will help individuals avoid making the same mistakes that others have made. Here are 5 important causes of motorcycle accidents.

Irresponsible Driving

Not just motorcycles, irresponsible driving leads to accidents irrespective of what type of vehicle you drive. Some motorcyclists, particularly young males, engage in risky driving behavior that puts everyone on the road at risk. The common factors that contribute to irresponsible driving are:

  1. Alcohol: Driving while intoxicated is not only dangerous, but it is a crime as well. Alcohol meddles with the driver’s coordination and slows their response time.
  2. Speeding: Motorcycles with powerful engines that weigh less are death machines in the hands of inexperienced motorcyclists. A young, inexperienced motorcyclist is more likely to break speed limits and be involved in fatal accidents.
  3. Not Wearing Proper Gear: Gear here refers to helmets and appropriate riding gear. A helmet is a must for every motorcyclist, as it offers protection for their head. Riding gear will act as a protective layer against scraps and cuts.

Inexperienced Drivers

Inexperienced motorcyclists are more likely to cause accidents. According to a study, most motorcycle accident victims are of the age group of 25–29. Basically, people with less experience in the vehicle. As people age, their desire to race down the road decreases. They become more steady. Inexperienced drivers tend to violate road rules and overspeed.

Poor Road Conditions

Poor weather and road conditions have the ability to cause motorcycle accidents. Slippery conditions like rain and snow interfere with a motorcycle’s grip on the road. Uneven surfaces, gravel on pavement, unexpected objects, and railway tracks also contribute to road accidents.

Cars Turning Left

There is a 2019 NHTSA report that states that in 50% of fatal crashes where a car and a motorcycle were involved, the car was turning left. The common causes of this type of accident are:

  • Distracted drivers
  • Visibility issues
  • Over speeding

In such accidents, the liability usually falls on the car. This is because the right-of-way laws state that the driver turning left must give way to traffic. In the event that a motorcyclist is caught overspeeding, running a red light, or riding in the wrong lane, then the motorcyclists may share fault as well.

Lane Splitting

Lane splitting, or lane filtering, is when a motorcycle squeezes itself between a line of stopped or slow-moving cars and continues moving forward. The risk of an accident in lane splitting is high when the cars, following lane discipline, aren’t expecting the motorcycles to move past them. The size of the motorcycle and the room available for the motorcycle to maneuver also contribute to accidents.


Motorcycle accidents lead to serious injuries. Manmade errors, poor weather, and reckless driving are the usual reasons for motorcycle accidents. If someone else’s negligence or malicious intention was the reason for your motorcycle accident, then contacting an experienced attorney should be your priority. The attorney will help you get the right compensation for your injuries and losses.