5 Natural Ways To Help You Get Thicker Hair

Many natural hair products available in the market promise to give you healthier, thicker, and shinier hair with all the ingredients contained. Some shampoos and conditioners use chemicals as their main ingredients. Those products may work effectively, but they possibly trigger dangerous side effects in the long run. Instead of using such products, you can try one of the following natural ways to get thicker hair.

  1. Healthy diet

Your hair is supplied with the nutrients from the foods that you eat. To make your hair thicker and maintain its overall health, you have to consume nutritional foods containing vitamins needed by the hair. The foods will include fruits, vegetables, dairy products, sufficient amount of protein, and water. Just like the skin, hair also needs antioxidant, linoleic acid, and vitamin E. It is the most natural way to increase hair growth as well as improving its thickness.

  1. Minimize use of heat styling tools

Styling tools that use heat to treat hair can bring new style instantly, but it actually damages hair health. Frequent use of such tools can damage cuticles and weaken hair follicles, leading to hair loss. Style your hair naturally and use organic hair products only to ensure that your hair remains healthy regardless of how you style it.

  1. Oil massage

When it comes to hair treatment, essential oils offer excellent benefits in terms of nutritional values. Massaging the scalp regularly with coconut oil is a healthy way to get thick hair. The oil will also provide deep moisturizing and prevent hair damage. Simply heat few drops of coconut oil and apply the warm oil to your scalp. For optimum result, wet a towel in warm water, squeeze the water out, and wrap it around the hair.

  1. Use herbal or organic shampoo

Shampooing is the easiest way to treat and get thicker hair. However, you should know that some shampoo products contain harmful chemicals so using them is not as healthy as expected especially after a long period. Please make sure that you only use shampoos formulated from organic ingredients to prevent such unwanted side effects. Organic shampoo is a good choice to make your hair look thicker.

  1. Use homemade hair masks

Another good method is by using a homemade hair mask to moisturize the hair and keep it hydrated. Dry hair is prone to damage which eventually leads to thin hair. Hair masks are indeed available in stores, but you can make one using natural ingredients such as avocado and olive oil.
You can mash half an avocado and mix it with two tbsp of olive oil. If you find the mixture is too thick, simply add more olive oil. Apply this hair mask after you wash your hair with shampoo. Let the mask treat your hair for 20 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly. This method is not recommended for those with flat hair.