5 Things That Should Not Be Missed During Car Service

If you own a car, you should know that a car service should be done on a regular basis. Many times, the owners fail to do so and end up damaging the vehicle in several ways. Regular servicing can help the car to maintain its original condition even before several usages. This adds to the resale value of the vehicle as well.
Car servicing is also beneficial if you have notions of selling your car in later years. It is not enough to take the car for servicing and rely blindly on your mechanic. In order to determine thorough servicing, you need to know the 5 things that should not be missed during the job.
1.Paying for the job at the very end
We often commit this mistake of paying for the service at the very beginning. No matter how trustworthy the workshop is, you should wait till the very end, before you make the payment. Do not pay right away even if the mechanic or the manager of the shop says that your car is good to go. It is better to scrutinize the kind of work done before paying. You are paying for their hard work, therefore, there is nothing wrong with asking them questions about the job they are doing.

  1. Opt for a test drive before you make the payment

All of us lead pretty busy lives. Therefore, most of us remain in a hurry to make the payment and getting done with it. This could later prove to be problematic. If an important part of the car needs to be replaced or be attached separately, you should always check whether the car is actually working properly or not after the car service. The easiest way to check that is to insist on a test drive before you make the payment. This saves a lot of time and money, as this way you will be sure about the servicing job.
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  1. Going through the essential points

This is very important, and you need to make a list of the essential things you wanted to do before you actually take the car for servicing. These days almost all cars have AC making its maintenance an important requisite. Do inspect whether the filters of the AC have been cleaned or not. If you want to keep your car extra clean, you can think of opting for an AC disinfectant as well.
It is important that after the servicing, your car looks as bright as a new one. A transparent layer of paint coat, which protects the car against any kind of damage caused by ultraviolet rays, is enough for that. Be sure to get a branded paint for this purpose. Another thing you can look for is the anti-rust coating which protects the car from corroding, especially when it is humid.
Ensure that the carbon deposits from the interiors of the pistons or engine decarbonising have been removed. This is especially applicable for the older vehicles.

  1. Cleaning procedure does matter

A good car service includes a thorough clean-up of the entire interior of the car. It includes exterior tyre polishing, interior vacuum cleaning and polishing, exterior foam washing, etc.

  1. Thorough last-minute checking

Be sure to check the original service quote and the services it includes before the payment. Carefully check whether your car is returned back with all necessary accessories, such as extra tyre, spare wheel, the tool kit, etc.
It is of paramount importance that you determine all the vital aspects that could get missed during the car service.