6 Romantic Places to Visit on Your Next Wedding Anniversary in Canada!

Wedding day is one of the red letter days in life. On this particular day, an official journey of togetherness shared by two beautiful inter-connected souls starts with an expectation to share time with each other till the end. What make the bond stronger are the anniversaries of this marriage day that comes every year. Just like an old wine tastes better; the passing years make the bond shared by the two soul mates stronger. Besides celebrating anniversaries with all the closest people, it is important to spend some we time, in secrecy and privacy as well.
Here are 6 romantic places that you should visit with your wife on your upcoming anniversary in Canada.

1) Charming Niagara on the Lake

Niagara is one of the most popular places in Canada to spread some love in the air. This village is a quaint place full of beautiful and historical architectural buildings and gardens. Any place full of history itself smells romantic as it reflects stories- of ages, of war, of peace and definitely of love. Some of the buildings have converted into boutiques and inns as well for the tourists to stay and enjoy. The horse carriage rides will remind you the ancient king’s time when they used to go on romantic strolls with lovers on carriage. Vacationing in Canada and not tasting their wines from their virgin wineries and missing the Shaw festival will be incomplete. Besides, this town has also a tag of Canada’s biggest ghost walk town. This is the perfect spot for two entangled souls deep in love.

2) The towns of love in Newfoundland

Newfoundland is the home of communities whose names are reflect nothing but love- Heart’s desire, Heart’s content and Cupids. So, no doubt there is love in the air of Newfoundland towns for the whole year. These coastal towns are the paradise of nocturnal natural beauty, local cuisines and artistic studios. If you are willing to spend a down to earth couple time with romance and love, nothing in Canada is as perfect as Newfoundland.

3) Vancouver Island / Victoria

Canada is surrounded with number of beautiful islands all around. Off the West Coast, there is this lonely beautiful romantic island called Vancouver. It is the perfect honeymoon destination as it includes the very small city in its heart named ‘Victoria’. It is the ideal spot for the adventurous couple to celebrate their anniversary as the place is full of hikes, trails and beaches. Besides, there is a valley filled with wineries and orchard to send each other anniversary gift delivery to Canada. You can take the five star couple hotels to stay in. But as you are adventurous, I think you would better prefer the spherical tree-houses to make unique memories of your anniversary.

4) Whitehorse, Yukon

The lifetime opportunity to observe the natural wonder of Northern lights is what Canada can gift you on your anniversary. Only thing, you have to be prepared to feel cold even with your beloved love of your life. There are many places in Canada from where it can be enjoyed, but there are two famous cities. One of them is Whitehorse-the capital of Yukon. From late August to mid-April, aurora borealis is a regular phenomenon. Besides, a little away from the town, there is a spot from which the whole Whitehorse city looks mesmerizing at night. What can be more an achievement than the beauty of the nature with the beauty of your life!

5) Love, Saskatchewan

Ironically, there are only 100 people in this heart small town of Saskatchewan which makes it perfect for the romantic couple to stay in a place which names even with the strongest feeling on earth, Love. This place is the most popular one in the month of Valentine’s Day. In the February, letters from all around the world comes to this place to get the village’s famous stamp collection- a teddy holding a red heart. If your anniversary is on February, there is nothing else that you should do on the anniversary day in Canada than being in Love, with your love to spend love.

6) Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, Alberta

Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, a four star hotel with all the exotic view and experiences will be the best way to cuddle with your beloved wife on your coming anniversary. This lodge has a range of outdoor adventures in the wild- skiing, skating, snowboarding, kayaking and golf. And coming back to hotel, the cozy bedrooms, luxury cabins with fireplace will make your anniversary the most memorable. If you want to celebrate together with, send cake to Canada to your beloved.
Anniversaries are special. But the above ideas of visiting places in Canada can make them more special.