7 Easy Outfits Ideas for Every K-Fashion Addict

The trend of globalization has led everyone inspired and influenced. Whether its food, clothing, business, services, trends etc., anything trendy in one country is sure to impact another. This travel of ideas from west to east and vice-versa has brought major changes in lifestyle and styling and left us with a number of never-ending options to choose from.
Among all these things that we saw forming and changing, the best thing we got from other countries is their fashion and styling trends. The best of it has come from the East Asian country, Korea.
Every k-fashion buff knows how trendy, comfortable, cute and amazing this fashion statement is with all those turtlenecks, oversized or checkered attires.
Here are 7 styling ideas that every k-fashion addict would want to try and not only the buffs, but also those who are looking for a change in their styling in this trendy era.

1.    Street Styling

Korean fashion provides the coziest, trendiest and unique dressing for street fashion.
This includes oversized tees in which those with long sleeves look the best. They can be paired with striped jeans, wide-legged pants or palazzos or some pleated skirt to complete your laid-back look.
A striped tee would look especially good when tugged in a pair of lace-up shorts.
Purple is the favorite color in this fashion trend. You can try an oversized ultraviolet tee with a matching pleated skirt. And if not the skirt, you can try it with a pair of wide leg shorts with a sash.
Graphic tees are the new sexy. You can also get yourself a customized t-shirt where you can choose the design of your shirt from the options or create one yourself.
If it’s cold outside, try pairing your tee with a pair of checkered shorts and matching pocketed blazer which would give you a cute yet sophisticated look.
A skort is another up-to-the-minute item you must keep ready in your closet. Pairing it with a matching single button blazer is the new k-trend.
Drawcord shorts provide causal panache while pleated ones give a tinge of formality to the look. Choose in reference to your mood or the setting in which you plan to try it out.
customized t-shirt

2.    Winter Fashion

There is a huge range of stylish knit tops and sweaters available for every K-fashion aficionado. These can be paired with the leggings, skirts, pants, and socks present in a number of designs and styles.
To start with, boatneck sweater is a favorite of Korean women. It’s both warm and chic which makes it highly preferable to many. A wrap-up sweater is similar with negligible alteration at the neck. Tracksuits and other fitness apparels can now be worn as a cute daytime outfit.
A K-fashion addict knows how it’s different from western fashion. They don’t put much emphasis on deep-neck and low cut tops or other dressing that accentuates their cleavage. Turtleneck has been their typical style since long. Thus, turtleneck wool-blend sweaters are among their favorite clothing to wrap up in winters. 
Try putting on a stylish scarf too. Here also you have a number of options: fringed scarf, plaid scarf, cashmere scarf, knit scarf, cotton scarf or simply printed scarves.
Over the knee socks are atypical of Korean fashion. They can be easily paired with a mini pleated skirt or a midi. The socks can be replaced from colored tights providing never-ending options of color for you to match with your clothes.
Besides it all, long padded coats can’t be missed on when we talk of k winter fashion. Along with adding style to your simple clothing, they work the best in warding off the cold.
Winter Fashion

3.    Menswear In K-fashion

When talking about outfit ideas, we get too engrossed with clothing of women that nearly no one talks about menswear. K-fashion has a wide range of items to be tried out by men.
There are a number of oversized tees to be rocked for men too. These are available in many styles, prints, and colors.
A two-piece t-shirt is something unique to K-fashion and can become any guy’s favorite apparel.  Wear them to a formal event or for a night of drinks with friends.
Long-sleeve crewneck t-shirts provide the best casual clothing in K-fashion.
Simple printed-shirts are too loved in Korea. They are embellished with simplest of the designs and look really cool.
You can also get clad in a striped shirt over your simple tee to look trendier.
Korean fashion provides a number of styling ideas for couples. These include matching couple tees present in a number of prints and designs. What about trying it out with your love and give your romance a novel style?
Harem or baggy pants are too common in k-fashion. Asymmetric baggy pants are sole to k-fashion while oversized shorts and wide-leg pants and jumpsuits are also very trendy.  
Elbow length linen shirts are super trendy nowadays and something not to be missed by men who prefer formal and elegant dressing.
Menswear In K-fashion

4.    Cosplay

One lovely specialty of Korean culture is the range of cosplay costumes it provides. What about throwing a Cosplay party with your girls or engaging in a Cosplay night with your man?
You get to choose from a number of such theme dresses in k-fashion. These include many options: bunny lingerie dresses, sailor lingerie costumes, kimono Cosplay costumes, uniform Cosplay sets, nurse party costumes etc.
Couples can get matching sets and even Cosplay costumes of their favorite manga or graphic characters.
Such dressing can bring a boring party to life or help you renew your romance – whichever you prefer.

5.    Party Wear

K-fashion provides you with party-wear that you won’t find anywhere else.
What about pairing you oversized graphic tee with a simple shimmery knee-length skirt?
K-fashion is especially famous for providing the best mini-dresses.
You can try an off-shoulder bell-sleeve lace dress which is quite common in this trend these days and sits perfectly for your party or dinner date.
Sheer tops and dresses are the best features of this fashion. Velvet dresses also provide the best options to be tried out in a party.
You can integrate a waist training corset in your party wear which would not only give you that perfect sexy look but also help you get the ideal waistline you are craving.
As said before, Koreans hardly concentrate on flashing cleavages. Even the deep neck dresses are paired with a tee within providing you with a party dress combo you may have never tried before.
Party Wear

6.    Footwear

The perfect outfit needs to be paired with the perfect set of footwear. One wrong choice will ruin your whole style so they need to be selected properly.
While pointy pumps, platform pumps, and sandals etc. aren’t new to you, there are a number of styles that need to pair with your k-fashion.
For your plaid shirts or shorts, a pair of plaid pointy heels will set perfect.
Some strappy or lace-up sandals will perfectly complete your office look which comprises the blazer and matching shorts or skorts.
Wedge hills are perfect for both casual and formal looks. Choose the ones that match the color of your tee and try denim with it.
Loafers will also make the look complete. They can be buckled, pointy toe, horsebit, tasseled or embellished suiting your outfit.

7. Accessories

Purple tinted sunglasses are a favorite of Koreans. Round and retro sunglasses are trendy too.
Choose a tint that matches with your colorful clothing.
They also prefer wearing round glasses for a geeky but trendy look which can be paired with any casual wear.
While buckle belts are known to all, they are available in new designs for k-fashion lovers like one with a heart buckle.
Rosette belts are uniquely Korean and can be best matched with your mini dresses or gowns.
You can also get yourself a transparent belt if it’s more a need than a choice.
Printed canvas belts are extremely novel and trendy. They’ve printed designs on them or woven words and look tremendously chic to be tried on with your casual outwear.
So here was your perfect guide to the perfect k-fashion. Try out each this season and be another name of style. It may look a bit over-the-top for someone who is a noob but once you try it, there’s nothing you’ll prefer more than this. Go trendy!