8 easy tip to kickstart a healthy lifestyle

Health is wealth, so start small, but start today towards a healthier lifestyle. Everyone of us craves a healthier life, but taking the first step is always challenging. It intimidates and excites us, and sometimes in excitement, we make drastic changes to our life. That works only for a few days, because too much change and excluding everything we like from our diet never stays. Instead, what works is small changes that makes us feel comfortable and excited to keep making changes. It becomes our habit gradually which then makes it simple to start leading a healthier lifestyle.
In this blog, we will discuss small changes that you can make to your life to make it healthier.

  1. Plate your meals in the right manner

    A lot of people pile up carbs first in their plate. Then put proteins and fill up vegetables in the end. It is the wrong way to go. Vegetables should be the first one to go on your plates. They have high water and fibre content which is imperative for better health. Then go with protein for your muscles and then plate up healthy carbs.

In all, a balanced plate with more veggies, including more of that is crucial and first change that you should make.

  1. Walk

Going on a walk that lasts for 15-20 minutes is crucial for your health. Besides the advantage it provides to your body, it helps your brain and mood too. A walk in the park or around the city aids your health, boosts your mood and eases brain fatigue.
Make it a daily habit of going on a walk after lunch or dinner or during the wee hours of the morning.

  1. Create a positive environment

Surrounding yourself with positive people and the environment is imperative for your health. They keep you on the right track, and when you are positive, things become easier to accomplish.
So, create inspiring posters using Canva and put them up on your fridge, room, workout area, and office. It will keep inspiring you to do better.
Never go out with people who are unable to support your healthy lifestyle, and are constantly de-motivating you and your journey towards better health.

  1. Work on your mental diet

What we eat is who we are. Isn’t it? But also, we are what we think. If we keep talking harshly to yourself, we will never see our body in a positive light. How we react to the world around us, what we think, and how we see ourselves helps create our belief. So, cleaning your mental diet is so very important for a healthier lifestyle.
Monitor your emotions and reactions to news, tv, films, people around you, and so on. How they make you feel is something you have to notice. If someone or something is only making you sad or angry, it is time to move on.
The same goes for your thoughts. Try to learn to love yourself in every shape and size. Never give in to pessimistic thoughts or belittle yourself over a small matter.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated

Drink lots of water every day. Never waste water on cleaning your car, but drink clean water every hour or so to cleanse your body. If you are someone who becomes so invested in what you are doing that you forget to drink water, create an alarm.
Also, include coconut water in your diet. It tastes delicious and has fewer calories.

  1. Chew your food

Chewing your food has tons of benefits. First, it helps with mindful eating as you take your time easting, savoring every bite, which helps with satiety.
Secondly, our mouth is the only organ that can chew our food. After that, no organ does that. So, if you are not chewing the food well, it becomes hard to digest.
Lastly, it ensures you never gulp down the food, so chew for as long as you can.

  1. Don’t label food as bad or good

No food is good or bad. Some are simply healthier than others. When you label food as good or bad, it is labelling yourself. If you eat pizza (bad food), you are bad or so. This kind of thinking makes you judge yourself, which wreaks havoc on your mental diet.

  1. Meal planning

Plan meals for the whole day or week if you can. Use Canva calendar making a feature for the same. It will ensure that you have all the groceries, and most importantly, it will keep you from grabbing junk or packaged food.