Advantages That Can Be Availed from the Installation of a Fireplace at Home

The houses in cooler regions need to be warmed by lighting fire inside the rooms, mainly during the chilling weather of the winters. However, the fire needs to be lit in definite enclosed space of the room, to avoid the accidental fire that could otherwise destroy the house. Hence, the concept of installing fireplace was introduced centuries back and it is still quite popular in many households. Now the fireplaces of modern designs are available that require lesser fuel while providing the required amounts of heat to the rooms.

Prominent Merits of Having A Fireplace in The Living Room

Provides More Comfort
The warmth created by the fire lit in a fireplace is comfortable when compared to the room heaters or stoves. Thus, the residents feel cosier while sitting indoor, while the fire burning at a corner raises the temperature of the room.
Not Dependant on Electricity
As the fire lit in the fireplaces cannot have any connection with the electricity, the house owners can save large amount of money on electric bills that would be otherwise needed for running the room heaters. Moreover, this natural room heating system remains operative even when there is any fault with the power supply and the house plunges into darkness.
Keeps People Healthier
It is easy to light up fire of a fireplace that is more efficient in supplying the required heat to the rooms. Hence, the residents are saved from the ailments that can occur due to the consistent cold weather. As the smoke created from the fire is released out through the chimney, the air of the room remains free from any pollution.
Saves Money
While the electric bill amount can be reduced to a considerable amount due to the presence of fireplaces, the cost of buying firewood is comparatively much lower than the expense of running a room heater. Moreover, these woods can be stored for a long time without any chance of decomposition and thus, can be purchased in bulk amount that is available at lower prices.
Environment Friendly
In cold countries, it is a law to plant more trees than the numbers that are cut down for the supply of firewood. Hence, the environment becomes greener instead of becoming treeless. More heat can be produced by burning the woods when compared to that is given out from burning the similar quantity of fossil fuels. So much lesser amount of natural resource is used in lighting up a fireplace at home. Moreover, the burning of wood leaves no carbon print and it is more sustainable in nature than the other types of fuels.
Not Affected by Bad Weather
The electrical power supply may at times be disrupted in case of a severe cyclone. However, the fire lit in an enclosed fireplace can never be affected by the strong winds of cyclones or torrential rains, keeping the rooms comfortably warm in all weathers.
Helps in Keeping Garden Cleaner
Usually, the gardens become untidy due to the broken branches and twigs, which can be used for lighting the fire in the fireplace of the living room. Therefore, the garden can be kept in a cleaner state, while reducing the cost of buying firewood.
The fire lit in the fireplaces of the living rooms can be used for cooking short recipes, like boiling any food ingredient or making a soup if the cooking oven is not in a working condition at any time. So, most of the house owners make it a point to install the fireplaces in all the living rooms and bedrooms, to keep the entire indoor warm while availing all these above-mentioned benefits.