An Easy Way to Fulfill Your Body’s Need for Vitamin C

Many parts of the body require Vitamin C for their proper development and functioning. It is also important in maintaining proper immune function. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is used to cure low levels of it in individuals who lack it from their meals. Vitamin C is present in many foods. But, supplementing it with larger doses gives extra advantages. Neuherbs Triple Immune- C is a complete Vitamin C nutritional supplement. An immune booster for adults with a triple protection formula, this pack of vitamin tablets is a perfect innovative and essential product. 

Vitamin C is required to maintain the health of cartilage, skin, teeth, blood vessels and bone. It also safeguards your body’s cells from damage. Low levels of vitamin C can cause scurvy. Symptoms of scurvy may include muscle weakness, rashes, joint pain, tooth loss, or tiredness. Vitamin C is most commonly recommended during this tough time of the Corona-virus. It is nowadays also used for preventing and treating the common cold.

Vitamin C tablets price by Neuherbs fits in everybody’s budget. Also, there are various benefits offered by this amazing vitamin that works wonders.

Benefits Of Neuherbs Vitamin C tablets –

  • Vitamin C is used to lower the urine’s pH levels. 
  • Experts recommend taking 200 mg of Vitamin C daily for COVID-19 prevention or 1-2 grams daily for COVID-19 treatment.    
  • Taking vitamin C for a few days before and after heart surgery helps in preventing irregular heartbeat after surgery.
  • Fetch a vitamin C supplement to get rid of coughing and sniffling. Many pieces of research reveal that intake of 1-3 grams of vitamin C may decrease the course of the cold by 1 to 1.5 days.
  • It cures limb pain that usually occurs after an injury.
  • Using vitamin C before heavy physical exercise keeps airway infections at bay.
  • Using a skin cream containing vitamin C might help to remove wrinkles and scars.
  • Vitamin C nutritional supplements may prevent anemia in patients undergoing dialysis.
  • Having vitamin C might reduce bad cholesterol.
  • It may reduce systolic blood pressure.
  • Consuming vitamin C seems to help medicines that stop working, such as nitroglycerin, work for longer.
  • Intake of lower doses of vitamin C for 6 weeks after operation also decreases pain. It may also reduce the use of over-the-counter pain relievers.
  • Receiving 3 gm of vitamin C by IV during the first 30 minutes of operation might reduce pain.
  • It is essential for breastfeeding and pregnant women to get 120 and 85 mg, respectively.
  • A painful form of inflammatory arthritis, gout is caused due to excessive uric acid in the body. Vitamin C supplements can help lower the risk of gout.
  • A study showed that having high doses of vitamin C for 2 months during cancer treatment made chemotherapy and radiation more effective.
  • It manages the repairing, growth and development of all body tissues.

From vitamin c tablets price to its benefit, you will surely love everything about this wonderful supplement by Neuherbs.