6 Tips to Style your Antique Jewellery

Jewellery has been adorned in India since ancient times and our love for it has only grown. Numerous jewellery trends have come and gone but the one that’s always stayed is antique jewellery. 

It is that jewellery that’s created like art deco era pieces dating back decades and centuries. Since antique jewellery is unique, it makes you feel regal and chic. There is an amazing element of romance in wearing antique jewellery and every piece seems to tell a story.

So how do you do justice to such jewellery? Here are some tips on how to style your antique jewellery to look the best and stand out from the crowds:

  1. Pair with plain outfits: Usually antique jewellery is embedded with coloured gemstones that lend it brilliant and rich hues. This jewellery especially comes in handy when you need to add drama to a plain outfit. A simple gown or a plain cotton saree when paired with eye-catching antique jewellery will lend you a spectacularly unique look.
  2. Layer up: Layering up is one of the hottest trends this season, especially when it comes to necklaces. You can not only experiment with different lengths of necklaces but also several metals and colours to create a signature look. For example, you can pair up a choker with a long Rani Haar. When you are playing around with antique jewellery, experimenting with different colours can take your look from plain to classy in an instant. Some of the best combinations in collection of gold necklaces for women include blues & greens and reds and blues. Just ensure not to combine hard metals with your delicate pieces. 
  3. Don’t go overboard: One of the most loved styles of antique jewellery is temple jewellery. This century-old design has incomparable beauty due to its intricate carvings of gods and goddesses. Since every piece is a work of art in itself and usually thickset, it is very easy to go overboard with it. So, when you are wearing any temple jewellery pieces such as bangles, mathapatti, haram, or a vanki, don’t layer or pair up too much. Let one of these become a statement piece and all other smaller pieces should play around it.
  4. Experiment: Jewellery is all about wearing what you love and not getting swayed by the trends. A piece of jewellery that is sure to make you look cool and quirky is an antique nose pin. The latest nose pin designs range from oversized horseshoe style to septum rings. Another super cool option is an antique brooch, check here.
  5. It adds a powerful statement and goes well with business suits and sarees equally well. A pro-tip: You needn’t wear a brooch as just that. you can even turn it into a pendant or a belt easily and let this statement piece do the talking.
  6. Stack up: Your hands draw the most attention and what’s better than adorning them in not one or two but multiple jewellery pieces. Heavy antique rings look great when paired with sleek midi rings. This also works beautifully for bracelets. Combine an antique bracelet with a chunky bangle.
  7. Create contrasts: Contrasts in your look aren’t always about mixing colours. It is also about creating a fusion of the traditional and the modern in your jewellery and attire. For example, pair your chunky antique earrings with western wear such as jeans and a crop top and see the magic work. Or wear a modern cuff bracelet with your saree or kurta.

Just remember these tips and you will never have to think twice before styling antique jewellery like a pro.