Fat-Burning: 8 Myths You Should Know About

The issue of fat-burning concerns everyone who supports a healthy lifestyle and seeks to lose weight. This is the season when we get to wear shorts, our favorite bikini, and other clothing that exposes the body. 


But adopting the wrong approach to lose weight and get a toned body can be harmful. The secret of the weight loss process is extremely simple; nevertheless, it still has many stereotypes and myths, and we will now try to dispel some of them. By believing in such myths, one can surely harm his or her health.  

Common Myths Related To Fat-Burning 

In order to burn fats, many people start believing everything they hear about it. However, many of these are just myths that have nothing to do with reality. Besides, some of these myths are so widespread that people believe them to be real. We will help you know the most popular myths about fat-burning.

Myth 1: Strength Training Converts Fats To Muscle

 Strength training is a really good thing as you can’t build muscle without it. But fat does not turn into muscle but is broken down. The process of converting adipose tissue into muscle tissue is very laborious and requires an integrated approach (strength and cardio loads). 

But still, fat burning occurs with a calorie deficit. And the processes of burning fat and building muscle mass are, in principle, impossible at the same time. 

Myth 2: You Can Lose Weight Even If You Drink Alcohol

Many of us know that consumption of alcohol slows down the metabolism; however, some still believe that consumption of alcohol can help in weight loss. It is just a myth as alcohol contains lots of calories which leads to obesity. Addiction to alcohol is quite common among veterans; therefore, it is a major reason for obesity among them.

Along with alcohol, they also abuse other substances such as nicotine that can hinder fat-burning. Thus, it is important for them to get addiction treatment as they have an important job to do. Veteran Affairs cover for addiction treatment; thus, if you are also struggling from such a problem, get treatment right away. You will notice significant changes in weight, too, once you get sober.

Myth 3: Avoiding Carbohydrates Leads To Fat Burning

Many people believe in this myth; however, it does not have any scientific foundation. Our body needs a variety of nutrients, and it’s not just proteins and fats. Of course, fast carbohydrates do not bring any benefit to anyone, except for a good mood. 

But you should definitely not give up slow carbohydrates. Thanks to them, we feel vigorous and energetic for an average of 3-4 hours. Thus, avoiding carbohydrates won’t do any good to your body, especially won’t fasten the fat-burning process.

Myth 4: It is Possible to Stop Fat Accumulation 

As much as we would like to believe it, but the reduction of fat deposits in certain places is impossible. It can accumulate at any part of the body, and all we can do is lower the intake of calories. 

Due to the characteristics of the body, we all have certain parts of the body where fat likes to accumulate most – the stomach or thighs. Remember, you cannot avoid the accumulation of fats in these parts, but you can surely get rid of them by doing exercise.

Myth 5: Fat Burning Starts 30 Minutes After Training

 Once again, we would like to clarify that the process of fat burning starts when there is a calorie deficit. Incredible but true; it doesn’t matter how long your workout lasts – 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

All of this does not affect fat stores if you eat too much or do not spend more than you get from food. We are not hinting that sports are not needed at all but just letting you know that it is not necessary that fat burning would start thirty minutes after training. 

Myth 6: You Need To Eat More Berries And Fruits

 You’ve probably heard that in order to burn fat, you need to eat more berries and fruits, for example, lean on grapefruit. Fruits and berries contain a considerable amount of sugar, but this is fraught with a strong injection of simple carbohydrates. 

This injection of carbohydrates is not very good for losing weight in general. Moreover, in principle, there is no food that burns fat. So you can wait for the season of fresh strawberries, but only for the sake of pleasure and healthy vitamins! 

Myth 7: Coffee Helps Burn Fat

Unfortunately, this is also not true. Coffee every now and then is included in the list of superfoods that affect our weight. Some even welcome the idea of ​​a dose of caffeine an hour before exercise, forgetting about its effects on blood pressure and heart. 

Coffee does have a diuretic effect, which causes a change in the amount of water in the body, but it does not reduce the volume of fat mass definitely.

Myth 8: Anti-Cellulite Massage Promotes Weight Loss

 The effect of the course of massage has nothing to do with weight loss: it is often a consequence of a powerful lymphatic drainage effect and the release of stagnant fluid. In addition, massage does not literally reduce fat. But only enhances blood supply to the subcutaneous fatty tissue and removes toxins while the number of fat cells and their size does not change.

Take Away

In a desire to lose weight, many people start believing in myths that have nothing to do with reality. Thus, we provided some of the most common myths related to fat-burning that you should stop believing in now. 

You need to eat healthy foods and exercise if you want to lose weight. Cutting down foods containing carbohydrates and fats will not fasten the weight loss process but would only cause several health problems.