How to Apply For Joint Home Loan with Your Brother?

Although it is kind of sad that today families are breaking apart into smaller units and staying away from each other due to their professional commitments, there are still some who believe in a joint family system and brother choose to build a house together.
Staying together will not only increase the love and harmony between the brothers but it could also be a good idea to apply for a joint Home Loan with brother as it can take away a lot of unnecessary financial worries that plague an individual when they are entering into such a long-term and serious financial commitment all alone.
As brothers, you can watch each other’s back and with the joint income to show to the creditors, it would be far easier to get approved for the loan as well.
How Can You Apply for a Loan Together?
There could be two ways in which brothers could apply for a loan – either both the brothers- or more- could apply for the loan together with all of them having equal responsibilities towards loan repayment. Or, one of the brothers could formally apply for the loan and the other person could stand as a guarantor.
In both the cases, the loan amount can be raised and one stands a better chance of getting the loan approved as well. This is because, if both the brothers are applying together, their combined income would assure the creditor of their repayment capacity.
In the second scenario, even if one of the brothers is a guarantor for the loan, this makes the Home Loan a secured loan- which it is otherwise not- and the brothers could ask for a higher loan amount as well as opposed to what one brother would have been approved.
What If You Apply for a Joint Home Loan With Your Sister?
The same rules apply for joint Home Loan with sister and in this case, there might be some additional perks to be enjoyed as well, as women’s Home Loan have some additional benefits like reduced interest rates.
With both the siblings applying together, both are liable to get Joint Home Loan Tax Benefit. Under the present IT Act, it has been ordained that the amount that one pays towards the repayment of Home Loans must be exempted from taxes and so that makes it further easier for borrowers to apply for a loan without having to constantly worry about repayment.
To apply for a Joint Home Loan With Siblings, one needs to go through the same application procedure like an individual Home Loan. The credit score of both the brothers would be evaluated and both should be eligible for the loan. The documents of both the brothers have to be submitted for verification and one should also enquire about any other formalities that might be required by the bank. The advantage here is that even if there are discrepancies in income, the loan amount will be decided according to the total amount of the income of both the brothers and likewise, the EMI would be calculated.
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