Is Artificial Kidney Transplant Possible For Real Healing?

Kidney Transplant in India is one of the most successful procedures. People are traveling here to get the right treatment for their kidney disorders from different parts of the world. Well, despite all the efficiency, doctors and surgeons can help only 60% of the patients who approach treatment.
It is not because healthcare professionals cannot assist them or due to lack of facilities, but it is high because of the lack of donors. 

There are two Types of kidney transplants, from a living donor and a decreased donor. However In India, it is legal to undergo kidney transplant only through related donors. If you do not have a related donor, the doctors would not consider you eligible for the treatment. So, to address the issue, one of the most excellent scientists in India led to the innovation of the Artificial Kidney in the US. 
Well, before we talk about the Artificial Kidney Transplant Cost, we need to know about the possibility of Artificial Kidney Transplant.

Present-Day Facts About Artificial Kidney Transplant:

An Artificial Kidney is invented to save thousands of patients that die due to lack of a donor. Now, the kidney is successfully developed. However, the delay is all because of clinical trials. Although there is no point of complication after the artificial kidney transplant, scientists cannot risk a human life without assurance.
So, before going live practices on human beings, several tests are under process on other mammals. After the success of clinical trials on different mammals, it might soon be possible to use the technology for safeguarding human lives. 
Scientists are more eager to launch this technique of artificial kidney transplants, as there will be no post-surgical complications. All the parts of an artificial kidney will be non-living, so it will not interfere with the immune system of the body. So, artificial kidney transplant will have a better life. We can say if a person lives for five years with a regular kidney transplant, then experience after artificial kidney transplant will increase to a minimum of 8 to 10 years. Rest, all the exaction in the details can be given only after the first-ever human trial of a kidney transplant process. 

Expenses involved in an Artificial Kidney Transplant

Expenses of Kidney Transplant, for an artificial kidney, are expected to be on the higher side initially compared to the kidney transplant by a living donor. 
It is because of the making of a single artificial kidney costs much on the higher side compared to the expenses on a donor. 
Although, scientists say that the cost of an artificial kidney will be less once the production of organs starts in bulk. 

Final Words:

An artificial kidney transplant will be real, but no one can estimate the time required for it. The implementation of an artificial kidney transplant process entirely depends on the results of the transplant after the first human trial. 
However, scientists and surgeons still wish to make multiple trials on several living beings with a kidney before going for a human kidney transplant. Till then, everything is a theory.