Beginners Guide to Pet Care – Doing it the Right Way

Having a pet can be one of the most beautiful decisions made. But the readiness to take up the challenge that follows might still be a question. Irrespective of what one has as a pet, there are a set of roles and responsibilities that they need to follow for a healthy living of their pet.
Well, with the intention of not to add on to the perplexity, here are some quick tips for the newbies out there.
Dos and Don’ts:

  • DO – let them get along with known people. The first year for a puppy would be equivalent to 15 human years. And that should explain why slowly socialising them is very important.
  • DON’T – leave the puppy unattended for too long, especially in the first few months. They are capable of doing things by themselves, but during the first few months, close attention is needed. If at all, leave them with known people.
  • DO – take the puppy out as frequently as possible, especially after meals and drinking. This is when they are young. Take them to the same places as the smell of urine and faeces will stimulate elimination.
  • DON’T – take them to dog parks, public areas, etc. for at least an age of four months. These places might be subject to disease contamination. And though the puppy must have had the relevant vaccination, they cannot be considered fully protected.
  • DO – reward/appreciate them for good behaviour. When humans themselves expect some sort of appreciation, don’t puppies too deserve them?
  • DON’T – allow them to chew on hands or other body parts. This might come as a problem at a later phase when the dog is older. And breaking that habit then might not be easy. The same applies to clothes, shoes, or other such things. They don’t have the ability to distinguish between new and old and so might end up chewing the wrong thing when left alone.

These are some of the basic ones to start with. With that said, the next aspect to be taken care of is their health.
Help is on the Way
No matter how much care is given, pets just like humans can be prone to illness or other such discomforts. Hence, their health is something that needs to be given priority when fixing up their requirements. Yes, running to St. Albans vet or other such places comes as a part of the job. Get in touch with the nearest vet and get a thorough check-up and necessary vaccinations done before bringing them home. Have the contacts handy to be used in case of emergency. Do not wait for the symptoms to worsen in order to reach out to the doctor. Pets, unlike humans, cannot communicate effectively as to what discomfort they are going through. Hence, it is very important to have a close check on your pet for any sort of symptoms and immediate care to be given if found anything.
Speaking of this, we understand that finding a vet nearby might not be an easy job to do. Even if that is done, the whole process of waiting, billing, accessibility is tedious, and there are still unanswered questions. Keeping this in mind; there are initiatives that have been brought into action with the aim of making pet care hassle-free. Thus, next time you need a St. Albans vet, all one got to do is book an appointment on the app. Yes, that’s true, pet care now comes with doorstep delivery and that too with just a single click!
After all, raising a pet is no less than raising a human. And so, it is better to know it all before actually heading on with the responsibilities.