Best Essential Oils For Hair! How To Treat Dryness And Split Ends?

In winters most people find themselves struggling with dry & dull hair. This is why we, today, are going to share with you a list of the best essential oils that are known to help make hair healthy. In this piece of article, you will find out which essential oils can help you regain the health of your hair. Before we start with the list, let’s get to understand what essential oils are. 

What are essential oils? 

Essential oils are concentrated oil extracts that are derived from fruits, flowers, seeds, and other natural sources. They are frequently used for hair care and skin care. These oils are never directly used. Instead, it is diluted with a carrier oil or any other suitable diluent. 

Depending on the skin type and hair type, there are several different types of essential oils that you can choose from. 

Here, we are going to list the best essential oils for dry hair. 

List of best essential oils for dry hair:

In this section, you will find the list of essential oils that are best to treat the dryness of hair. 

i) Tea tree oil 

This is the essential oil that is obtained from the leaves of the tea tree. The tea tree plant is known for several benefits including hair and skin benefits. When it comes to taking care of hair dryness, tea tree oil is known to be very beneficial. This oil is also known to eliminate blockage that stop hair growth. 

ii) Peppermint essential oil 

Peppermint essential oil is known for many different benefits including its benefit of hair dryness. This oil is also known for antimicrobial properties which nourishes the dry scalp while treating the issue of dandruff. 

iii) Lavender essential oil

Another very effective essential oil to treat dry scalp is the lavender essential oil. This oil is known for preventing hair thinning while treating the hair dryness. In addition to this, this oil is also known to treat irritation and allergies. 

iv) Virgin coconut oil 

If you are looking for essential oil that is good for treating hair dryness, you must give a try to the virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil is known for several benefits for skin, hair, and itchiness. Since this oil is full of fatty acids, it is known to prevent hair dullness and dryness. 

v) Virgin olive oil 

Another very good essential oil for hair dryness is the virgin olive oil. Massaging this oil on your scalp can significantly reduce flakiness and dandruff in hair. Olive oil tends to enhance the blood flow in the scalp which makes sure that your hair is healthy and also boosts hair growth. 


These are some really good essential oils that are known to treat dry hair and scalp. The only thing here is to choose the finest quality of the essential oils available in the market. There are several places like Nature’s Fusions who are known to deal in the finest quality of essential oils.