Why Brazilian Straight Hair Weaves Is So Versatile

Brazilian hair is one of the most gorgeous and versatile types of hair around. With time and increasing demand for hair weaves, it has become prominent for its voluminous texture, full body, stunning bounce, and versatility. This hair type has a glossy appearance and feel.
Brazilian hair is soft and smooth in nature; it is flexible and suits for all hairstyles. This hair type is typically smooth, very durable, and relatively thick.
Brazilian hair not only holds color very well, but also comes in various styles. So if you are looking for remarkable quality Virgin human hair, you can definitely go for virgin Brazilian human hair. Some of the types of Brazilian hairstyles are straight, body wave, loose wave, deep curly, etc.
What enhances its durability?
Because of its natural density, the hair is less likely to create frizz and tangle which is a plus point. And, this makes it’s durable to go for coloring as well.
Although, every style in Brazilian hair is great looking, fulfills its purpose very well and durable. But, in today’s article, we are going to discuss Brazilian straight hair.
Brazilian Straight Hair
Straight and sleek hair look is so in trend, why?
Because it is easy to manage, takes less time to comb and most important looks incredibly stunning.
Just like Brazilian straight hair, straight Indian hair is also 100% virgin human remy hair weaves. You can try different hairstyles with Indian hair like short, long or shoulder length. When you touch the hair weave, you will feel that the hair strands are vibrant, and the cuticles are uniform and run in the same direction.
The hair strands would feel high-quality, luxurious, and makes you desirable to have the hair weave immediately. Another thing to look at it is its color. If it is natural, it would be in either black or brown.
Also, you are free to color your weave but do not touch the hair often as the hair strands are natural.
However, virgin hair has no traces of chemicals; hence, they can get ruined when it comes into contact with hair colors having chemicals in it.
What Is Brazilian Remy Straight Hair?
Women are demanding Brazilian remy straight hair these days. This hair is extracted from young donors, and the best part is that the cuticles remain intact means that it follows in the same direction. This feature makes it a high-quality hair weave that doesn’t often detangle.
However, there is a definite difference between virgin and remy hair- virgin hair is 100% pure non-chemically treated, and remy hair may be chemically treated. However, in both hair types, cuticles run in the same direction. It comes in various lengths, and it suits almost every face shape.
Let’s say, if you like the short straight hairstyle, you can choose shoulder length hair weaves, or you can select a long hairstyle, hair weave that would frame your facial features from forehead to chin.
Coloring Brazilian Straight Hair
When it comes to colored Virgin remy hair weave, you would see a limited choice in colors as they are available in natural colors only. If you desire for colorful hair weaves like caramel or golden highlight, you would need coloring your natural hair weaves.
Coloring virgin remy hair weave is not at all a complex task as like other bad-quality hair weaves as it accepts color very well. However, it is not advised to color your natural hair weaves, instead buy ombre hair weaves.
If you take good care of virgin Brazilian hair with regular conditioning and leave-in -serum, it will last upto six months up to a year. 100% virgin remy hair is less likely to tangle, so it requires less maintenance, unlike synthetic hair.