Budwig Diet: Natural Cure to Cancer

We all know that there are some types of foods that help us get healthy, but only few know that if we eat right foods then we can eliminate cancer and diseases like asthma, diabetes, arthritis successfully from our bodies. Since many years, various people have stopped these diseases through special diet packed with nutrition. Budwig diet was made by Dr. Johanna Budwig who was a Nobel Prize nominee, bio chemist, and health practitioner who worked with patients from 1952 to 2002.
In that time, people all over the world suffering from different types of cancer met her. She asked them to follow Budwig diet and protocol for their cancer and in 3-4 months, all of them became healthy. It puzzled doctors who had asked the patients to get radiation, surgery or chemo to cure their cancer. It was even more surprising in cases where patients were given only weeks to live as nothing could be done now but now when they were tested again, they were declared cancer free.
According to Dr. Budwig, rate of cancer patients who were successfully treated was more than 90%.
How was this possible?
Researchers have found out that there are different foods which help in boosting health and fighting cancer. These foods transform the way a cell performs in our bodies. There have been consistent and compelling data related to diets rich in vegetables and fruits with low risk of cancer according to epidemiologist Tim Byers who studies relationships between chronic and diet disease at Disease Control & Prevention Centre in Atlanta. At least 200 epidemiologic studies all over the world have found a relation between plant rich diets leading to low risk of various tumors.
One of the main parts in Budwig diet is consuming foods which offer nutrients that help us to absorb oxygen. It had been found out by Dr. Otto Warburg that cancer develops when cells can’t absorb oxygen any more. Dr. Budwig used this knowledge and created the budwig protocol for cancer that helps cells to function normally. As per her plan, fats and harmful foods are removed from the diet and replaced by life saving fatty acids.
Not only foods, she even laid great emphasis on the positive effects of stress reduction and sunlight. Budwig diet mainly comprises of cold pressed liquid flaxseed oil mixed with quark or cottage cheese. Dr. Budwig found out that when you mix these two foods, sulphurated protein components in cheese like cysteine bonds with oil makes it even more soluble with water and easy to digest and metabolize.  
Essential fatty acids and electrons present in flaxseed oil go inside cells and provide a healing effect on cell membrane. The membrane of each of the cells is made of lipids.
Flaxseed oil will improve the outer cell lining which is important for cell division and function.
Delicious juices, fresh vegetables ,and fruits, grains, potatoes, raw spices and nuts, beans can make Budwig diet even more healthy and tasty!