Composition & Benefits of Brown Rice

Rice is one of those foods that raises passions. It is not only a nutritious cereal and one of the most versatile from a culinary point of view (there are infinite recipes with rice), but it is also the fundamental ingredient of paella (or rather, rice made in paella), which is one of the icons of Spanish gastronomy, the great rice book by chef Rodrigo de la Calle). Not to mention that for half the world’s population it is the main source of energy for their food.
There are different types of rice.  And this brown rice vs white rice fight has been going on since ages. But brown rice is the most advisable because it preserves its whole grain, hence its greater nutritional interest, according to Adriana Oroz, dietitian-nutritionist at the Alimmenta clinic. «This means that the grain contains: the bran, where the fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and certain phytochemicals are present; the endosperm, where there are proteins, complex carbohydrates, some minerals and vitamins and, finally, the germ, which in addition to more antioxidants and phytochemicals, provides fat, “Oroz details.
Other varieties of rice that maintain their whole grain are black rice, wild rice, and red rice. Regarding its color, the dietitian-nutritionist of Alimmenta clarifies that it is due to the fact that it keeps its shell intact because it does not undergo any refinement and that means that, according to what it highlights, they are also more interesting cereals at a nutritional level.
In contrast, white or basmati rice only maintains the endosperm part, so its nutritional quality is lower. 
If you want to eat healthy and do not know whether to choose brown or white rice, it is normal, we have all been there! Keep reading and counting 5 benefits of brown rice that position it well above white:
Composition of brown rice
Why choose brown rice?
The only difference between brown and white rice is that the second one has gone through a refining phase to remove the bran. What about this? that with that brown layer that we know as bran, a large part of its nutrients have been removed … Let’s look at the nutritional information of brown rice: Properties of brown rice
As you see, you contribute a large amount of protein, B vitamins and different minerals, if we now compare it with the nutritional value of white rice, you would see that most of the nutrients would no longer be, obtaining only simple carbohydrates. Now that we have this a little clearer Let’s see what this nutritional information of brown rice does in your body:
5 Properties of brown rice for health:
1- Brown rice is beneficial for weight loss One of its many properties is the weight loss benefits of brown rice. This is because it provides a lot of fiber which helps a good intestinal transit that prevents constipation and improves digestion, both are translate into a less bloated tummy and a flat abdomen. On the other hand, it provides a feeling of satiety to avoid itching between hours.
2- It helps fight aging thanks to its antioxidants: Antioxidants help fight free radicals responsible for aging, while all we associate fruits and vegetables with a high amount of antioxidants we overlook brown rice. Thanks to the combination of vitamins and minerals in its bran it is one of the greatest sources of antioxidants that we can find. 
3- It improves fertility levels thanks to its selenium content: The correct functioning of your hormones is often disrupted by selenium deficiency, causing inferti quality. Improving the levels of this mineral so present in brown rice will improve your fertility.
4- It helps fight infections: like the flu and the candida fungus, along with quinoa and buckwheat as they are gluten-free cereals.
5- It provides vitality: Thanks to its high content of manganese, an essential mineral (and of which many We suffer from deficiencies) that reduce both irritability and tiredness.
Greater energy and vitality is one of the benefits of brown rice breakfast, a custom that more people follow every day. Here is a recipe so that you can also start the day with this super food: How to make gluten-free bread step by step with rice flour
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So, these were some of the best benefits and composition of brown rice.