Things to Note Before Buying Eames Chair Replica!

The Eames Lounge chair is one of the very popular chairs in the market since 1956. Since then, it has made its mark among the most stylish lounge chairs that were designed by Charles Eames. This chair has made a hallmark among all the lounge chairs. Its comfort, design, and comfort are well known to everyone. The copyright of the chair lies with Herman Millar Company who is selling this original chair for $5000. 

Hands down these chairs are very expensive. Luckily, there are many different Eames Chair replicas available in the market. There are many manufacturers who are selling their own replicas of Eames Chair. Today, we are going to take you through some things that you need to consider when looking for an Eames Chair replica. 

So, let’s get to it… 

Factors to check before purchasing Eames Chair replica: 

i) Price 

The very first thing to check while choosing the Eames Chair replica is the price the manufacturer is selling it for. Since today we have several different Eames chair knock-offs, it has become very difficult to find the right one. This Eames Chair replica ranges from $850 to $2500. But, note that a good Eames Chair replica is available for $1400 to $1800. 

ii) Manufacturer 

The second factor to consider when looking for an Eames Chair replica is to check which manufacturer to pick. There are many manufacturers who design Eames Chair replicas but there are only a few who have mastered the design and the features. One of the manufacturers is Urban Furnishing who you can trust to buy an Eames Chair replica. 

iii) Dimensions

Another very important thing to consider while buying an Eames Chair replica is to check if the dimensions are close to the original chair dimensions. The original design became very popular for its aesthetics and features in a very small space. This is where most manufacturers fail to copy it. Only a few have managed to do this. So, make sure that you check the original chair dimensions before hitting the market to buy an Eames Chair replica. 

iv) Removable Cushion 

A removable cushion is also one of the very popular features of the original Eames Chair design. While searching for the Eames chair replica, make sure that you see if it has a removable cushion or not. It is good if you buy the one with this feature. 

Bottom Line 

In the end, we would highly recommend that you check all this in the Eames Chair replica you are planning to buy. This chair is known for its beauty but above all, for the features, it has to offer. Most replicas available in the market are not very great when it comes to the aesthetics of the chair. However, there are several different manufacturers who are creating Eames Chair replicas which makes it easy for one to find the one that is really close to the original design. 

So, we hope you find the right Eames Chair replica for yourself. 

Happy Shopping…