Effective and A Must-Do Gym Program For Athletic Players

An athletic built body is a desire for many people. It has a lot to do with body building but the end result is different for athletic players. A focused bodybuilder aims at achieving big body size and strength while gym program for athletic players are meant to build the body of an athlete for more power, quickness, speed, agility and explosiveness. Naturally, a bodybuilder will have a huge or bulky body, whereas an athlete has a slight body. If you want to have the body of an athlete, then you have to train like them. Here are gym exercises that athletes go through to make them look and perform as they do:
Power Cleans:
Most gym athletic programs comprise of power cleans as well as other types of cleans. Typically, cleans are a wholesome body exercise which focuses on the quads, hamstring, spinal erectors, glutes, traps, calves, deltoids and the forearms. It also uses the key muscles which ensures stability of the spine all through the movement. Cleans develop explosiveness and improves power which is an essential to any athlete. If there was a choice for athletes to undertake just one workout to achieve all the desired goals, then power cleans would be the ultimate exercise.
The ruler of the lower body workout is Squats. If you are an athlete and you are looking forward to more power in your lower body the squat is the exercise to focus on. You don’t want to be like those people who have a really built torso or upper body, yet have thin legs. Squats aims at a couple of varied muscle groups throughout the body; the major ones comprise of lower back and abdominals, the thigh muscles and the glutes. It’s advisable to do squats with a lot of energy and more often.
Bench Press:
This is another gym program for athletic players that rules like squats. Bench press is definitely the king workout of torso or upper body. Athletes interested in having more power in their upper body uses bench press as the backbone of their training sessions. The chest, triceps, abs and shoulders are worked by the bench and this helps in generating stability body balance and power. If you like to do this with a barbell it’s okay, but you can as well use the dumbbells. But, bench press is a must do workout for any athlete.
Shoulder Press:
Shoulder Press
In nearly all sports strong shoulders are a must for movements that involve pushing. Shoulder press workout do not exercise only deltoids, but it works out the lats, traps and triceps as well. To achieve an athletic body, this is a gym program for athletic players that you must follow.