Improve The Value of Your Home With Landscaping Services Auckland

One thing that most homeowners don’t understand is that it is possible to increase the value of their homes with landscaping services Auckland. In fact landscaping is one of the few home improvements that are able to increase the value of the home immediately. Studies show that a well-landscaped home is able to increase rhea price of the home as compared to another home that has no landscaping.

However, it is important to note that there is more to landscaping than just sticking a few flowers and some shrubs on the ground. One of the key things that home buyers are looking out for in the landscaping design is the level of sophistication in the design. Some of the other key factors that buyers consider include the plant  life diversity in the design of the landscape.


Experts suggest that one of the common mistakes that homeowners make is not to have a coherent plan. They will make a decision to plant a tree and later on add flower beds before putting another tree and some shrubs. When a landscape is assembled in piecemeal, it will actually look disorganized and may be a turnoff for the buyers. Therefore when you hire an Auckland service Auckland, they will create a plan before they can carry out any form of landscaping.


When your landscape is filled with large and mature trees that haven’t been tended for a long period of time, this may send a bad signal to the buyers of the property. Property experts suggest that the inside of the house may not be well taken care of.

Time Frame:

If you will be in the house for the long-term, it is quite important to have a long-term plan for landscaping. In case you will be planning to sell within one year, a landscaping service can take a few steps to dress up the landscape and boost its selling price. A good idea would be to cut the fresh edges around the planting beds and have some sharp edges between the mulch and grass that are well defined to give the landscape that professional appearance. Ensure that you also begin treating your plants with fertilizers regularly. This will ensure that the buyers are met by a lush carpet. The professionals will also use flowers to add to the color splashes. Ensure that there are some annuals with a wide range of colors as well as shrubs and perennials to ensure that the yard doesn’t look as if you just began to work on it.

When it comes to the dollar amount, the recommendation is to use 10% of the value of the home to landscape. This is a general guideline and if you do not have this kind of money, you can ask the landscaping expert to work with your budget. The professional can carry out some basic tasks such as edging, mulching, getting rid of weeds and ensuring that the grass is quite green and full. These are quick fixes that are also quite inexpensive.

Another alternative that can even be cheaper  would be to a hire a landscaping service in Auckland that will just do a  thorough cleanup of the yard on top of planting a few flowering annuals.

Before you even hire the landscaping services, there are a few tips that you can use to keep your yard in top shape.

  • Ensure that the yard is free of weed. Avoid using chemicals where possible. This means that you will need to get your hands dirty
  • Edge and mulch the lawn to provide that clean & tidy look
  • Ensure that the lawn remains mowed and watered.

Use these tips to increase the value of your home.