Email Marketing Elements For Photography

In this article, we will discuss the email marketing service for photographers. If you are a marketing professional but haven’t offered service for photographers, or if you are dealing with photographers but your strategy is not yielding results or running a filmmaking business but not doing email marketing for your business, this article is a good read for you.

It’s easy to enhance your photography business with the best email marketing strategy paired with a professional photography website.

You may wonder how email marketing is going to help you to grow the filmmaking business. And you are not the only person with such uncertainty.

Build a Prospect List

To share your newsletters, happy client experiences, or values with your target audience, you would need their email addresses.

So, how to find peoples email addresses? It’s pretty straightforward. You can collect the email addresses by driving traffic to your websites and subscribing to your newsletter through social media channels or using the email lookup tool. is a fantastic tool that gets you the accurate email addresses of your prospects. What it requires from you are the full name (you may ignore the middle name) and their company domain name. By using the machine learning algorithm, it predicts the exact email address format.

Human Connection Matters

Many independent photographers commit the mistake of just sending an array of their work to the client and expect them to choose from it. But that’s not a wise thing to do as you are ignoring the human connection.

It’s important to welcome them, listen to their requirement, and then offer suggestions or alternatives.

Hence instead of sending them a gallery email showing them picture types to chose or buy from, you need to follow a series of emails to nurture them for short-term and long-term goals.

Cultivate Your List of Prospects with Good Content

Your emails should always provide value to your prospects. Since you have a build your prospect list after defining your target audience, you should be able to easily segment them based on their ages, gender, etc.,

You need to craft the content based on each segments’ requirements.

Add only one call to action to your email instead of expecting multiple steps from them.

How to Send the Emails?

It would be best if you opted for an email marketing service provider to automate the process. If you already know a service that offers an excellent service, you may go for it.

And if you are at the beginning stage, you could use the tool MailChimp.

Next, you should write captivating emails. Be genuine with your writing, express how much you love what you do as a profession.

When you share your work with your prospects, remember to include a brief of the entire journey, a special mention of the critical moments, and what your customers have to say about your work.

This would develop a sense of respect, trust towards you.

Final Thoughts

When your audience sees your business’s post on their social media feed, there is a very minute connection to you. However, when you send them an email directly to their inbox, it adds a personal level that you can not achieve on social media.