Enter Live links in your eBook

The interesting thing about e-books is that they are live and interactive, and I know we have not even seen their full potential yet.
Because most electronic readers (except perhaps the first Kindles and Nooks) are connected to the Internet, when you insert live link into your eBook, the reader can click and move them wherever you want. Readers can now view e-books on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers, most of which are connected to the Internet.
Most often, you may want to direct readers to your website or opt-in page where they will collect their email address and possibly get a gift for them. Then you can create a mailing list that you can continue to add to and create from a loyal followers list. So you want to have links to your websites throughout your e-book.
See, when someone buys your e-book, says in Amazon, you have no idea who he is. You can sell hundreds of e-books and still do not know which of your buyers you have. However, if you put links in your eBook to entice readers to click on them, you can give them something of value if they give you their name and email address.
Then you can add them to your mailing list so you can stay in touch with them to sell e-books or the following workshops or anything else you have. You can offer them anything of value such as a newsletter or downloadable worksheets. Because they can not write in an eBook, this is perfect. If you have contests or fill-in tasks, you can make them available from your website.
Because e-readers are interactive, you may also have links to a video that allows the reader to meet you “directly” as he or she speaks! You will create a more permanent connection than trust and build a relationship with readers this way. Since it’s very easy to create a video, this is not a great idea for you.
What can you reach in your ebook? What about valuable resources, such as graphic sites if your e-book is on designing e-books, or health products for dogs if your e-book about caring for your pet. Do not want links to go to any of your competitors. In fact, if you’re associated with any products, consider becoming an affiliate of this product, so if readers buy anything, you’ll get a commission.