Must Visit Events To Attend In San Francisco

Everyone knows that San Francisco is known for its diverse culture and exciting activities. 

Events in San Francisco are as diverse as its culture. Try to search for Comedy shows San Francisco or arts in San Francisco, your screen will be flooded with varieties of events it has to offer. 

The best part of this city is its annual festivals, which attract both tourists and locals. As a visitor or newbie in the city are you trying to figure out what events you can attend to experience San Francisco in a more fun way? The events listed below provide an overview regarding the same: 

  • Chinese new year’s parade:

Say hello to Chinatown and experience the Chinese new year’s parade! San Francisco’s Chinatown is a well-known historical place dedicated to preserving and nurturing Asian culture’s rich past. Also, did you know that the Chinese New Year is one of Asia’s most important holidays? This annual tradition is commemorated by a variety of events held around the San Francisco Bay Area. However, keep in mind that the exact date changes from year to year, though it is normally in the first week of February, rest you can easily check it online. 

  • Pride parade:

Take pride in being part of this amazing pride parade! If you have a chance to be in San Francisco in June, don’t miss out on the Bay Area’s largest parade. This definitely something that’ll make you feel so good genuinely for being a part of it. 

The San Francisco Pride Parade is an annual event that honors love and, of course, freedom. This is the time when the entire city comes alive in a rainbow explosion of joy, celebrating everyone.

  • Cherry Blossom Festival:

This festival is held in the famous Japantown. This is the season to commemorate the blooming of cherry blossoms in one of America’s three existing Japantowns. The Grand Parade, food booths, cultural performances, martial arts, live music, and a variety of other traditional Japanese activities are featured. 

  • Outside lands:

Especially for outsiders like you, you’ll fall in love being a part of this! When it comes to summer in San Francisco, the Outside Lands Festival is the most anticipated event, with people planning months in advance.

 The Outside Lands Festival’s weekend is never long enough, with an excellent vibe. Aside from music, there are many ‘lands’ to visit, each with its own unique food, drink, and artwork. The festival, which takes place in Golden Gate Park every year, is growing in popularity, will look good on your list!

  • Alice summerthing:

Artists, artists everywhere. Have you ever wondered why there are so many artists in San Francisco? The reason for this is that they have a lot of support here, people love them! Alice’s yearly performance is free and comprises both well-known and emerging performers. It’s a really exciting time for people of all ages. You are welcome to bring food, so sit back and relax while listening to excellent music with excellent company. Good luck with finding your favorite artist! 

  • Castro street fair:

When fall arrives, everyone becomes more enthusiastic about all of the city’s public events, including the Castro Street Fair. Don’t be surprised if you see individuals dressed up in San Francisco throughout October; they don’t wait until Halloween to show off our creative costumes. Castro Street Fair is an LGBT street celebration annually on the first Sunday in October that celebrates the distinct character of the city’s most distinct area.

Whether it’s day or night life in San Francisco, make sure to keep yourself safe and explore the city at its best! 

  • Folsom street fair:

This is a yearly ‘only in San Francisco’ original that will likely frighten you out while also opening your mind. This is the world’s largest leather event, with fetish players from all over the world participating. People who are outrageous, with exceptional exhibitor booths, and EDM music will broaden your thinking and imagination.

Please note it is suggested that children should not attend this event.