Everything You Need To Know About Toro Greenmaster 3120

Toro is long known for supplying reliable golf course equipment. Whether you want to buy a  mower or a utility vehicle, If you are buying Toro Golf Course equipment and keeping it in the best shape, the best performance for years is guaranteed. In this article, you will learn about one of the golf course mowers by Toro, Greenmaster 3120. Powered by 16 hp (11.9 kW) Briggs & Stratton gas engine, this mower has a cutting width of 59”(1.5m). It comes with 2WD Parallel Hydrostatic Traction Drive, mowing speed of 2-5mph and transport 0.7mph. 
If you want a mower with the best quality cutting performance, the Greensmaster 3120 is one of the top golf course mowers you should consider. Patented DPA  provides you with a superior cut. This equipment requires minimal maintenance. Convenient control makes it easy to operate. It is powerful enough to handle any application in the Golf course. It gives the performance your golf course demands. Let’s see the features of turf equipment.


DPA cutting units:

The Greensmaster 3120 comes with the most advanced cutting unit with only 2 adjustments. It provides you with superior height-of-cut retention. The use of stainless steel bearings eliminates the need of daily greasing. The DPA cutting unit provides you with the smallest bedknife increment adjustments of .178mm. 

Triangle wheel stand design

This design is perfect. In the triangle wheel stand design, the rear wheel is tracking within the radius of the front wheel. So, the rear wheel is not going to get a drop into a nearby sand bunker when you make the turn and move onto the next mowing path. 

Safe operation

This center cutting unit is placed along with the front centre basket removal, between the front traction wheels. This is suitable for the mounting design of the engine and transmission. The center of gravity is lowered. This provides the machine with the stability required on higher Hillside. 

Safety interlock system

Just like all other riding green mowers by Toro, The Greensmaster 3120 also comes equipped with a safety interlock system. If traction or implement is engaged, you cannot start the machine. The machine starts when the brake is engaged and the operator is in the seat. You cannot operate reels in transport speed or when the operator is not in the seat.  

Lock cutting unit Pull points

This eliminates tipping forces in turns. This is of great advantage on perimeter cuts and when cutting unit slides. The inside of the cutting unit is not subjected to any pressure. This also helps in avoiding turf stress. 

Easy maintenance

You can easily access the components that require routine maintenance and daily inspection. The visual inspection of connectors and hydraulic lines is easy in the Greensmaster 3120 and other riding mowers by Toro. 

EdgeSeries Reel 

The Dual Precision Adjustment cutting units of this machine come with Toro’s Edge Series Design to provide you with a consistent, high-quality cut. The after cut appearance is also consistent and of superior quality. The improved reel edge retention also reduces maintenance. 


Engine  Briggs & Stratton Vanguard
16 hp @3600 RPMs,
Governed to 2850 RPMs 
Fuel capacity 7 gal (26.5 L)
Mowing Speed  2-5 mph (3.2 – 8 kph)
Transport speed Up to 7 mph (11.3 kph)
Cutting width 59 in (1.5 m)
Warranty 2 year 

You can also buy some accessories with this golf course equipment. The Greenmaster 3120 accessories include: 

  • Groomers  
  • Light kit 
  • Off-greens kit (Anti-bobbing)
  • Green cutting unit rollers, bedknives, scrappers 
  • Rotating rear roller brush
  • Thatching reel 
  • Greens Tri-Roller Kit

If you want a high performance, and easy to maintain greens mower that is affordable at the same time, you can consider the Greensmaster 3120.