Everything You Need to Know About West Linn Gutter Cleaning Services

The gutters on your home and garage are there for more than just show. They actually play a crucial role in keeping those structures in good condition. Without gutters, water can pool in certain areas of your roof, causing damage to your shingles – or worse, the inside of the building. The main issue that plagues most people is the fact that these gutters are hard to reach, making them tough to clean and maintain, particularly on a two-story home. This is where West Linn gutter cleaning services come into play. They have experts who will come out, clean, and then perform maintenance on them.
What Your Gutters Really Do
No matter the material that your gutters are made of (wood, brick, aluminum, and PVC are all common types, depending on the style and age of your home), they serve the same purpose – to control the flow of water, keeping it away from your roof. Head outside or look out the window (if you want to examine the ones on your garage) and then focus on the gutters. Where are they located? They are at the top of the walls, where the base of the roof meets them. There’s usually an overhanging section of the roof with the gutter at the bottom. The space above them is sloped. This ensures that the water flows off of the roof and into the gutters, which are also sloped, moving downwards towards the downspouts at the sides. Those downspouts direct the water into the ground or off to the sides of the structure, away from the walls. This crucial process can go awry when part of your gutters fail to work as they should.
When Your Gutters Fail
When your gutters fail to work properly, you could end up with some serious structural problems if you don’t immediately repair them. Without the correct flow of water, pools could form on your roof, damaging your shingles and even leading to leaks. If this is left uncorrected for too long, damage could form at the tops of the walls, causing them to separate from the roof. As you can imagine, this is a major issue that needs to be prevented. As soon as you notice that your gutters are clogged or that pools of water are forming where they shouldn’t, you need to call in your local West Linn gutter cleaning service.
Problems with Your Gutters
Failed gutters can occur for many reasons. Since they are located towards the top of your home and garage and are left open, they are prone to clogging. Birds may try to build nests in them. Leaves can fall into them in clumps, prohibiting the flow of water. Sticks and branches can fall from trees into them. You’d be surprised at just how many things Mother Nature deposits into your gutters.
On top of this, your gutters are attached to your home and garage with simple hangers. These hangers can fail, causing the gutters to no longer remain level and impeding the flow of water. When this happens, rainwater could begin to pool in them, putting even more pressure on the existing hangers. As a result, your gutters may start to buckle under the pressure and might even fall off of the structure in sections.
You also need to pay attention to the downspout. There should be one located at each corner of the building, although this does depend on the side of the structure and the overall design of the gutters. Downspouts can clog when large items (such as clumps of leaves) end up in them. They are harder to clean, since they need to be taken apart and emptied, then put back together if other, simpler methods of clearing them out don’t work.
Gutter Cleaning Services and Maintenance
Cleaning and maintaining your gutters on your own can be dangerous. There are many stories out there about people falling off ladders and ending up with broken bones while attempting to do this themselves. This is why you need to hire a reliable West Linn gutter cleaning company like All Clean! We have trained professionals who know how to clean, repair and maintain gutters safely.
Our general gutter cleaning and maintenance service includes – you guessed it – cleaning and performing routine maintenance on gutters. We will come out and clean your gutters, removing all debris, and then follow them with some basic maintenance designed to keep them in good working condition. This includes repairing all of the leaks at the elbow joints where the gutters are joined together, as well as taking the time to ensure that all of the gutter hangers are in good working condition. Those that aren’t get tightened up and repaired. By the end of our service call, your gutters will be great shape.