Expert’s Opinion: Is 5G A Game Changer for India Or A Pipe Dream?

With the launch of 5G in India, the way how India connects and does business will get transformed. Its introduction will change India, in fact, the whole world, more profoundly than 3G and 4G. Actually, economists denote it as a revolutionary just like the automobile and electricity, which benefit the entire world.

As per the statistics, the global economic impact of 5G in services and goods will reach $12 trillion by 2035. With 5G phones in India, it will soon become a saga as our digital economy has the potential to reach USD 1 trillion by 2025.

Further, from automobiles to healthcare to manufacturing to education, it will hit each and every sector’s door, profiting all, particularly in this COVID world. You may already be smirking watching 5G launch advertisements, promising the speediest internet connectivity. And what the ongoing pandemic has taught us – You can get all essential services at a tap of your fingertips. That’s it; 5G will provide a boost to it.

Still, the question lingers on every Indian’s mind: Is 5G a game-changer technology or a pipe dream? This blog has a solid answer for it. Read ahead!

  • It will help the education to reach remote areas

The COVID-19 has turned our educational system online. On top of that, there’s an adequate supply of free educational content online to boosts the confidence of poor and middle-class children of India. Adding 5G tech in it, the improvement in remote-learning opportunities would skyrocket. In addition to this, the investment would be reduced in the large-scale use of land and its construction.

This cutting-edge technology would be a fantastic tool, making the contents engaging and easing the concepts for learning. Also, 5G-enabled classrooms could compass holographic tutor who can provide insights on any specialized topics. All in all, 5G will bring a drastic change in India’s educational system without bringing in the hiccups in the connectivity.

  • Online doctor consultation to increase the pace

Already online doctor consultation is picking up the pace to become the ‘new normal’ in India. All thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic! Hitherto, we’ve tools and devices to examine pulse, blood pressure, sugar levels, oxygen, and many more. Moving forward, the 5G technology will assist some devices to become popular at home. And then you need to make a visit to the doctor’s clinic or hospitals only for serious issues.

Furthermore, 5G will aid numerous doctors to reach their patients online in real-time and prescribe online. That also means virtual doctor-patient interactions on account of high data speed are expected to lessen the long waiting hours for patients. Not only this, but 5G will also allow remote diagnosis for complicated cases, surgeries, etc.

India is already developing in the just said areas but 5G connectivity with the help of telecom industries like Jio and Airtel, will strengthen its pillar and make it a standard thing. 

  • ADAS to get mandatory for all driving cars

Bizarre! Digitalization has become a lifestyle, especially in cars. Tesla is already grabbing attention with its news of launching ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) cars on Indian roads. With the 5G technology, these cars will get smooth communication with Indian roads.

The 5G network will provide crash avoidance, lane departure warning, alert of blind spots, satellite traffic warning to the vehicles on Indian roads. The possibilities aren’t yet over! India will soon embrace HD maps, real-time data analytics, vehicle sensing, and many more features in the automobile industry with this new tech.

In the Indian context, though autonomous vehicles might not look like a possibility shortly, other features can happen in a few years. Well, ADAS is simply for the expensive cars, but 5G bandwidth is for the whole automobile industry.

  • Concerts and events to go online

The British Fashion Council, Milan Fashion Week, and many more events witnessed virtual runway in 2020. But with 5G, the entertainment, as well as fashion industries, will provide next-level services to their audiences and customers. This is what the new age millennial’s are looking for. All want to travel beyond reality into the domains of the virtual world.

The reliable 5G bandwidth will help concerts and various events including movie screening to take place online. It will offer a better viewing experience on any device, regardless of the user being static or mobile. 5G network countries can improve this sector with improved quality and content.

Similarly, 5G tech is also going to power up online gaming across India and even may help e-sports to get popular. Just can’t wait to watch this happening in our India!

  • Transform our shopping style

Not to forget, COVID-19 has already begun this work! From groceries to medicines to clothes, Indians are going for online trade. Also, with the boom in e-commerce, more and more consumers are preferring online shopping rather than offline trade. In India, about 43% of smartphone users are already making weekly purchases on their phones.

However, the significant challenge that all Indians are facing currently is unable to visualize how they look in a specific dress. On the other hand, other countries have a knack of it now. But all the worry of visualization would be soon solved as per the latest news of the 5G network in India. It will make the real-time trials possible. Before you shop, various apps will allow you to feel the products through AR.

In the US, such apps are already being used for buying online lipsticks, and many more items. In India, soon all of these will become a reality, helping you to take an informed shopping decision online.

The bottom line

With all the above-forecasted impacts, the Indian government is keen to jumpstart the 5G commercial launch in India. According to the latest update, Mukesh Ambani has announced to pioneer the 5G network revolution in India. Though Jio 5G network launch date in India isn’t disclosed, it is expected to come in the second half of 2021. Thus, the clear upgrade from 4G to 5G will soon escalate India’s GDP, making it a clear game-changing technology.