Functioning and Usage of Rotary Oil Vane Vacuum Pump in Industries

In an industrial structure the requirement for various kinds of motors and pumps are inevitable and since even in industries there is a versatile range of types and distinctions, the equipment, pumps etc motors also vary in type and function accordingly. Basically, used in an extensive range of commercial industries, rotary oil vane vacuum pump is known to be particularly positive displacement pumps. In the vacuum pump technology, this type of oil rotary vane vacuum pump is also termed or known as a wet pump, since the gas which is specifically pumped through this machine is exposed directly to oil, which acts as a lubricant and helps in the process of sealing.
Rotary Oil Vacuum Pump
Rotary Oil Vane Vacuum Pump Function
This is why in a rotary oil vane vacuum pump the oil is chosen with particular care and discretion. In the technology known as positive displacement, a huge amount of gas is trapped manually within the pump which is then processed accordingly so that it moves through the pump creating considerably low pressure on sides of the inlet through which it passes. Even more, since the choice of the oil that will be used in the pumping process is done with typical consideration and based on a strict line of parameters, it is essential even to have a glance at the oil selection criteria for the pump.
This will effectively help you have an in-depth insight of the proper functioning, limitations, and operations of a pump. Typical care is required to operate it in the most functional way. Here are some of the specific requirements pump managing authorities in industries have to keep in mind while considering options for the oil to be used. While one of the major functional requirements demanded from the oil is to offer adequate lubrication of the pump rotor bearings, the list also includes:

  • The oil must offer corrosion resistance to the metallic parts of the motor from the gas which is constantly pumped by it.
  • It must also help to easily formulate the duo seal between the adjoining sections of the stator and the motor vanes, as well as provide a seal between the rotor machine and the vanes too.
  • The oil must also help in transferring and emitting the heat to the maximum extent to the outer casing of the pump thereby offering a cooling condition for the stator.

Rotary Oil Vane Vacuum Pump
Extensive Industrial Uses
Wide spectrums of industries are dependent on the use of rotary oil vane vacuum pump. The diverse, as well as a versatile range of its use and requirement, is clear from the different types of industries which adhere to its usage quite dramatically. The list inevitably includes the mention of:

  • A pharmaceutical industry where this type of pump is distinctively used for distillation, conveying and drying procedures applicable in chemical industries.
  • Even in food processing industries, it is used for packaging and preservation of raw food items like meat, poultry, cheese etc, the pump is used for vacuum cooling of the products, processing and packaging works, filling and sealing requirements in the procedure as well.
  • Degassing and thermoforming requirements in woodworking industries are also particularly dependant on the use of rotary oil vane vacuum pump.
  • Both in the electronics industry as well as R&D industrial systems for central vacuum systems these kinds play a vital role.
  • Besides a huge role is also performed by these pumps in the material handling industries as well where it is used for material transfer, vacuum lifting, bottling, canning, pneumatic conveying, sewage removal through vacuum system etc.

Therefore, it is clearly evident that the importance and significance of oil sealed rotary pumps are wide and versatile. Now, for those who are looking for this kind of pump for their industry need to study further according to the specific configuration requirement of the pump as per their industrial standards.