A guide to buying glasses for your face shape

The perfect accessories to make a good first impression, glasses, and eyewear have are changing the definition of fashion. Great to make subtle statements, eyeglasses are no longer only functional add-ons. Research has shown that people with glasses are perceived to be smart and confident, a reason why a lot of people wear fake glasses every day.
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If your someone who wears glasses regularly, deciding on which frames to buy is a difficult decision to make. Often, you will find frames that look absolutely great on display, but not very flattering when you try them on. And this can be very frustrating! To help you find frames perfect for your face shape, we have compiled a list for you to start looking for frames that suit your face shape and accentuate your features.

Finding your face shape!

face shape
The first step to buying the best frames for your face is to find your face shape. Finding which face- shape closely resembles your face structure is easy. All you have to do is look at your face in a mirror and tie/comb all your hair away from your face. Or you can also go through this guide and see which face shape best describes your features. The most common face shapes are oval, heart, square, triangle, round, and oblong although there are many more distinctions.
To make the process of finding perfect frames for you, we have put together a small guide of which frames and glasses are the best for your face shape. And if you’re looking for a great place to buy your new glasses from, Specscart is where you should be buying. With the fastest delivery services and extremely affordable prices, everything from titanium frames to wooden glasses is available on Specscart.

For a heart-shaped face

If your face is the shape of a heart, you are sure to have a broad forehead, wide cheekbones and an angular jawline complete with a pointed chin. Glasses that soften your features are usually the ones that will look great on you. So, if you’re looking for new frames online or offline, it’s great, to begin with avoiding frames with pointed edges and start picking frames with softer edges. Specscart provides you with an option to choose the style and build of glasses you want for yourself.
Now coming to the real question, what glasses to wear for face shape? To begin, round or oval glasses are a great choice and you can also experiment with various rim styles in these shapes. You could go with a full-rim round frame to buy the popular ‘Harry Potter glasses’ look or you could go with horn-rimmed glasses and create yourself a nerdy look. Rectangular glasses with soft edges, wayfarers and aviators are also good to go with if you have a heart-shaped face.

Is your face triangle-shaped?

If you have a narrow forehead, wide cheekbones with a broad jawline, and a flat chin, yes, your face is triangle-shaped. And for a face shape like this, frames and glasses that balance your broad jawline and make your face look proportionate are the ones you should be going for. This is achieved by glasses that have a wider upper portion and a narrow lower portion. One such example is cat-eye glasses, which are a terrific choice for women with a triangle face shape. Other great choices are extended upswept black glasses, which look wonderful on both men and women. If extended upswept is what you’re going for, you can find a great choice of frames on Specscart. Patterns are a must if you want to make things interesting. Other choices for this face type include browlines and aviators!

Is your face shape a diamond?

With angular cheeks and pointed chins and not-so broad forehead, your face is surely a diamond face shape. If you want to look your best with your glasses on, remember that softer and rounder glasses do the trick! And that, frames with harsh or pointed angles should be avoided. Round or oval full-rim glasses should be your first pick for this face shape. Other than these, cat-eyes, browline, and other upswept styles also go astonishing well with this face type.

 For an oval face shape

A broad forehead, high cheekbones, and a round chin are usually the characteristics of an oval-shaped face. Considered the ideal shape for a face, glasses for this face type should work to make the wearer’s face look less long. If you have an oval face shape, there are a lot of frames that you can try on and get yourself. Round glasses, rectangle glasses, wayfarers, aviator glasses, cat-eyes, and browlines, everything works well with your face! So, if you have an oval shape, you’re free to try on any styles you want.

Styles for the round-shaped face

Round faces are characterized by a wide forehead, heavy cheeks, and a round chin. To select frames for round face shape, you should go with glasses that have pointed angles. Geometric glasses, Square glasses with pointed edges, aviators, cat-eyes, browlines, and rectangular glasses complement your face shape.

A square face shape

Angular jawlines, broad forehead, a flat chin, and pointed cheeks make a square face. Softer frames work well for you too, so browse through the oval and round metal glasses section at the eye store. Cate eye and other upswept frame styles also generally work great for your face shape.

Other factors to think about when buying frames

a). Your skin tone. What is your skin tone and do you have any undertones? Knowing these help you pick the best kind of glasses for your features and your skin tone.
b). Your eye and hair color. This should be considered when you’re buying a new pair of glasses.
c). The setting. Where will you be wearing your glasses? This is a very important question. Brightly colored frames don’t go well with all outfits. On the other hand, black and white hues can match with anything and everything.
Now that you have an idea for how you want to look with glasses on, why not head to Specscart for a quick look! Why are we saying this? Because the Specscart houses half a dozen brands and an amazing online glasses collection sure to compliment every face shape!
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