The most effective Home-grown Mask

The word “Home-grown” denotes something that has been built entirely using your country’s raw materials and labour. As a home-grown brand ourselves, we take pride in the word and understand how important it is to the future of our country’s economy in the face of the current global crisis.

They say that a crisis is the mother of innovation, which we have seen being proven over the past couple months – multiple home-grown start-ups have risen to the occasion in order to contribute and meet the ever growing demand for safety essentials in a country of 138 crore people. In this article we’ll be talking about one such start-up.

ETEX: An IIT Delhi based start-up has emerged over the past couple of months with their hero product, the Kawach Mask. This highly protective and affordable mask has been built keeping in mind the country’s population and the monetarily handicapped majority.

At the onset of the global crisis India was struggling to deliver quality safety gear to its vulnerable population, especially those who do not have enough spending power. Within only 6 weeks of launching the Kawach, ETEX has scaled up its production to ensure it reaches the masses and helps them move one step closer to safety.

The Kawach Mask: A Knitted Multi-layer construct that claims 98% efficiency against particles of 3 micron size. It can be used to protect the wearer against dust, bacteria, allergens, smog, pollutants and spore.
When compared to a Surgical Mask or N95 grade Masks, its filtration capacity is higher for 3 micron particles by a margin of 3% to 8%. For particles under 3 micron, Kawach’s filtration capacity is still superior to Surgical Masks and almost comparable to N95 grade Masks. It provides the user with a secure fit that further decreases the risk of harmful particles entering the respiratory system. It weighs less than a Surgical Mask which reduces the chances of feeling suffocated and makes it better suited for a tropical climate like India’s.

Another area where this Mask supersedes most of its alternatives available in the market is Biodegradability. Where Surgical or N95 grade masks pose a threat towards polluting the environment, the Kawach has a much smaller carbon footprint, thanks to its biodegradability. This means that a Kawach mask, when disposed, is broken down into basic components by bacteria, hence avoiding pollution.
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Impact of ETEX: As a result of their innovation and its huge demand, ETEX has contributed towards creating jobs in the textile industry at a time of economic strain in the country. On top of this, they are empowering different sections of the society like people with disabilities, underprivileged women, senior citizens, etc. through various NGOs by incorporating them in their manufacturing cycle.

We at Forbes Pro Magazine always strive towards innovation and it is times like these when we need to put aside our differences and come together as a business community. We must try and contribute in our own way towards the betterment of the masses and ensure all standards of safety are being followed while solving the demand-supply situation nation-wide. Let’s hope that we overcome this ordeal together.