How Old Is Speed? IShowSpeed Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, More

How Old Is Speed? IShowSpeed Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, More

If you want to know how old is Speed, then you might already know about IShowSpeed, a famous YouTuber and social media personality from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. IShowSpeed, whose real name is Darren Watkins Jr, was born on January 21st, 2005, which makes him 17 years old as of 2022. He has gained a lot of popularity in the USA due to his gaming skills and YouTube videos.

Darren has become quite popular recently, but his journey to fame has not been without controversy. He came under the limelight in 2022 when an abusive video clip of his from another YouTuber resurfaced on the internet. In the video, Darren was seen losing a game and getting furious about it, shouting, “Shut up! I know how to play the game.” This incident sparked a lot of interest in IShowSpeed, and many people wanted to know more about him.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Darren’s life and share some interesting facts about him, including how old Speed is, his career, family, personal life, and more.

Biography of IShowSpeed

As we already mentioned, Darren Watkins Jr was born on January 21st, 2005, in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. He has never shared his birth date on the internet himself, but sources suggest that he is 17 years old as of 2022. Darren has never revealed much about his family or upbringing, but we know that he went to a private school in his locality with his siblings. Currently, he is studying in high school, but he likes to devote most of his time to gaming.

Family Details

Darren has never shared any information about his family with his fans or the media. There is no exact info that can provide us with a clue about his parents. However, some sources suggest that his dad has a small job, and his mother takes care of the family. He has two younger siblings, but there is no information about their names yet. Darren belongs to a mixed ethnical race and holds American nationality. He also follows the Christian religion.

Personal Life

IShowSpeed is a bit private when it comes to his personal life, especially his romantic relationships. According to sources, he is in a relationship with Ermony Renee, and the couple shared their images together on social media handles. They also uploaded videos together as well. However, recent reports suggest that there are some problems between them, and they might not be dating anymore.

Career and Net Worth

IShowSpeed is known for his amazing gaming abilities and his YouTube channel, where he shares his gaming videos. He started his YouTube channel in 2018 and has gained over 1 million subscribers since then. His videos are mainly about gaming, and he provides commentary while playing the games. He has also made videos about gaming news, updates, and reviews.

Apart from YouTube, IShowSpeed is also a social media personality, with a considerable following on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. He has endorsed various gaming products and brands through his social media handles.

According to sources, IShowSpeed’s net worth is estimated to be around 2 million USD as of 2022. His primary source of income is his YouTube channel and social media endorsements.


In conclusion, we have learned that IShowspeed, also known as Darren Watkins Jr, is a popular YouTuber, media face, and social media star from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. He is known for his incredible gaming abilities and the videos he shares on his YouTube channel. We also found out that he was born on January 21, 2005, which makes him 17 years old as of 2022.

Although IShowSpeed has achieved a lot of fame and success at a young age, he is still a normal high school student who likes to devote his time to gaming. He is also a bit private when it comes to his personal life, but we know that he follows the Christian religion and has been in a relationship with Ermony Renee.

Overall, I hope this article has given you a deeper understanding of IShowspeed’s life and career, and answered the question of how old is Speed. We wish IShowspeed all the best for his future endeavors and hope to see more amazing videos from him in the future.