How to choose the best lash enhancement treatment?

You are considering enhancing your lashes because they are tiny and are not in beautiful shape? There are several opportunities out there that can do the trick. You just need to choose the best one for you. The four best eyelash-enhancing approaches include false lashes, eyelash extensions. Lash lift and lash tint. We are providing here all the information about these options to easily decide which one can be the best option for you.
False Lashes
These types of lashes are used for a short period, like if you want to attend your friend’s wedding or you are invited to a special dinner. These lashes last for up to 8 hours. False lashes, also called magnetic lashes, are applied with temporary adhesive.  After wearing these lashes, you can’t swim or sleep.  This is the cheapest type of lash enhancement option and mostly available in the DIY kit. If you don’t want to damage your natural lashes, then you should avoid these temporary extensions.
Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash extensions are designed to add more length, volume, thickness, and fullness to your natural lashes; they are considered the best alternative for mascara, which saves women spending time doing their eye makeup. The application for these extensions means a lash tech applies the extensions to each natural lash, unlike strip lash or cluster lashes. Eyelash extensions are one of the most advanced, trending, and effective processes to enhance and beautify your natural lashes.  The treatment can be completed a maximum of 120 minutes when attaching a full set. These semi-permanent eyelashes are applied with safe medical-grade glue. 
According to lash extensions Fredericton expert, the treatment will offer you long-lasting results up to 8 to 12 weeks, depending on your daily bathing or swimming routine, as well as your natural lash growth.  However, this is one of the costly options among lash beauty treatments. The initial treatment cost would be around $175 to $275 according to the type of lashes you will select. However, you will also need to spend more on your infill’s visit once a month. After getting these extensions, you don’t need to wear mascara, and you will still have longer and fuller lashes.  By consulting with your lash artist, you can choose anything from the classic, volume, or hybrid lashes according to your need.  These extensions can only be applied or removed by a technician, as this is not a DIY friendly process.
Eyelash Lift
Are you not interested in false lashes or lash extensions? No worry, there is a third option you can choose to transform your natural eyelashes that is lash lift. This is a salon based process in which a professional lash stylist will curl your natural lashes by applying some safe solutions.  This is also sometimes called Perm for lashes. During the lash lift procedure, your service provider will glue your upper eyelashes on a silicon pad and then apply unique solutions to create curls. This is a more economical option for lash enhancement, which also offer semi-permanent results. You can have curly lashes for up to 2 months.  You don’t need to wear mascara. Have in mind the lash lifting process will only create an illusion of longer lashes. If you want a darker and voluminous look, you can get lash tinting service and lift in the same appointment. The process is entirely safe and will not damage your natural lashes.
Eyelash Tint
So do you want darker and voluminous lashes without applying mascara? Lash tint is then the ideal option for you. The lash technician will dye your natural lashes with special vegetable-based dyes, which will offer you a more glamorous look. Lash tinting can last up to 2 weeks, and you will not need any mascara during this period. Most women prefer to combine lash lifting and tinting. The price of lash lift and tint can be $100 for one session.  
So you can see you have several options available when talking about lash enhancement. You can go for anyone according to your requirement and budget.