Data Recovery Unsuccessful with Another Tool! Can Stellar Help me Out?

Despite our best efforts, we can lose data on our devices. Some (or all) of the lost data might be valuable and permanently losing it isn’t an option. Thankfully, there are ways to recover your valuable data. You might be aware of data recovery, and you might have already tried various data recovery tools, albeit unsuccessfully. However, do not worry; there is an efficient data recovery software, which can recover any data, lost due to any reason.  In this post, we will introduce you to Stellar Data Recovery Standard for Windows and discuss its benefits & attributes. We will also explain why it is superior to other data recovery products. 

Causes of Data loss:-

You can lose data due to several reasons, such as: 
1) Hardware crashes
2) Human error
3) Software corruption
4) Computer viruses
5) Device Theft
6) Natural disasters
You can easily recover data lost due to software or logical issues using data recovery software. It is possible because data lost from a device isn’t permanently erased from it. A data recovery tool scans for these invisible yet available files in the storage medium and then restores them to your device. This is the fundamental principle of data recovery software.
There are plenty of paid and free data recovery software available in the market who claim to perform data recovery from any data loss scenario. Often, these claims do not work, and your data remains inaccessible. The main reasons are:
1) Incorrect scanning: Not all data recovery software can perform a comprehensive scan through all hard drive sectors. They often give you incorrect or incomplete scan results. 
2) Solid State Drives (SSDs): SSDs work differently than hard disk drives (HDDs), and not all data recovery software can recover data from an SSD. 
3) Hardware issues: As mentioned above, data recovery software only works in logical or software issues. If your data loss has occurred due to a hardware issue, data recovery software will be inefficient in recovering your lost data. Only specialized data recovery services (discussed later in the blog) can deal with such hardware issues.
4) Overwritten data: It is impossible to recover data that has been overwritten. No data recovery can do that. However, you can recover previously saved versions of the data, which have not been overwritten. 
From the discussion above, there are four important conclusions we can derive: 
1) It is impossible to recover overwritten data. 
2) Data loss due to hardware issues must be treated with specialized data recovery services and not by software. 
3) A data recovery software only works in software or logical loss scenarios. 
4) Not all data recovery tools are efficient in recovering data even from software or logical loss scenarios

Stellar Data Recovery Standard for Windows

You need an efficient data recovery tool to recover data lost due to software or logical issues. The most popular data recovery software available is Stellar Data Recovery Standard for Windows, which uses advanced recovery methods to comprehensively scan your hard drive and recover your lost/deleted data. It is a DIY tool, which means you can deploy and use it very easily. 
Recovers all files and file types: The tool supports more than 300 file types. This means the software can recover all your files, videos, audios, emails, pictures, etc.
Works in all loss scenarios: Irrespective of the reason for loss (deletion, formatting, software crashes, deleted partitions, etc.), the tool will trace and recover your valuable information. 
Recovers lost email files as well: The application can also recover your email data files such as Outlook (PST), Outlook Express (DBX), Exchange Server (EDB), Lotus Notes (NSF), etc.
Recovers data from unbootable Windows system: The software also works in scenarios when your Windows system fails to boot.
Disk imaging feature: It is very difficult to recover data from bad hard drive sectors. Stellar Data Recovery Standard for Windows can even scan through bad sectors in your hard drive and recover your data.
Preview before you recover: The software allows you to preview your lost/deleted files to check the quality of your recovered data.
Save and Resume recovery sessions: With Stellar Data Recovery Standard for Windows, you can pause and resume your recovery sessions at a convenient time. This saves the session, and you don’t have to scan the drive all over again. 
SMART Drive monitoring: Not just data recovery, you can also use Stellar Data Recovery Standard for Windows to monitor your drive’s health. This way, you can get early warnings in case of an impending hardware failure. 
Overall, Stellar Data Recovery Standard for Windows is the recommended software for your data recovery requirements. It has advanced recovery functionalities that can recover any data in minutes. 
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Data Recovery Services

Data lost due to hardware crashes or failures need specialized recovery techniques. In such scenarios, the hard drive is treated in Class 100 Clean Room Lab, and lost data is recovered. Trained data recovery professionals do it. Stellar also provides Data Recovery services in its many state-of-the-art labs. Go to the link here to read more about Stellar Data Recovery Services. 


As we discussed above, not all data recovery is efficient enough to recover all your lost/deleted data. You don’t want to invest in them and regret later. It is best to opt for professional and efficient software, which can do the job every time you need it. Data is the most valuable commodity in this digital age; you need a tool like Stellar Data Recovery Standard for Windows in your arsenal to deal with complex data loss scenarios.