How To Conduct A Background Check On A Potential New Roommate

Finding a great roommate is a daunting task. You must find a suitable roommate, as you have to share a room with that person. Of course, you need to share your stuff and everything in the room. Most importantly, you must have valuable things, such as a laptop, that should not be at risk. 

Get a roommate after a careful assessment. You can get his ID and submit that to the police for further investigation. Similarly, there are multiple ways you can choose before having a roommate. This post will cover everything you need to know about running an investigation on a new roommate. 

You will know potential software that can do this task for you. Let’s dig in to discover different tips and tricks for running a background check on a person. 

How To Conduct A Background Check On A Potential New Roommate

5 Ways to Run a Background Check on a New Roommate

If you are considering getting a new roommate, take your decision carefully. If things go well, this mutual living will become a lifelong friendship, as evident in the FRIENDS series. Therefore, you need to perform a background check to get a trusted roommate. You can do this by using these effective methods. 

Collect all Basic Information

Although it will look geeky if you investigate your roommate, it’s mandatory for your safety. You must start by asking general questions like your roommate’s full name, mother’s name, nationality, birthplace, educational background, some references you can contact, etc.   

Once you get all details, you can use that information for further investigation. Moreover, you are not doing anything illegal. It’s your right to investigate being a roommate. 

Get Some Help From Background Check Websites

The digital space has made this process relatively easy for you. Many background check websites are present that can do this task for you. These tools allow you to get the required information by merely providing that person’s name. One such site with a reliable background check service is “Fast People Search”, you can have a look on this page to learn more about this people search platform.

How To Conduct A Background Check On A Potential New Roommate

Background check websites provide you with these essential benefits;

  • It serves as a gateway to a massive database. Without contacting any higher authority, you’ll be able to retrieve valuable data. 
  • It’s a quick way of getting details. Suppose a person just pops up on your doorstep and wants to be your roommate. What should you do then? Just ask for that person’s name and any other information and submit it. After a few minutes, a detailed report will be on your screen. 
  • It is one of the most authentic ways to get information. 

Unlike different search tools, it has become the most efficient and fast-acting website for getting reliable information. Want to inspect a person’s past or evaluate more about personal and professional life? Get help from these reliable background check websites. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps;

  • Find a reliable Background check website like Fast People Search. Evaluate a website based on speed, mobile-friendly service, authentic results, extensive data, and strict privacy policy. 
  • When you open a website, you’ll notice an empty search bar. It’s the right spot to enter the available details. It’s better to provide additional details, such as contact details, address, etc., to filter out the result. 
  • Next, insert the data and press the “Start Search” button. 
  • A comprehensive report will appear on your screen in the next few seconds. 

Using a reliable background check site, you can run a background check on anyone. 

Have a Sneak Peek Into the Social Media

People posts about their whereabouts, interests, employment status, marital status, friends, family, and much more on their social media accounts. That’s why you can get much information through different online platforms.

Before taking on a new roommate, ask that person to give you social media account details. Through the LinkedIn profile, you’ll get to know your roommate’s educational and employment background. By visiting Instagram or Facebook pages, you will learn about that person’s interests, social circle, hobbies, and much more. This way, social media accounts will provide you with diversified information that is difficult to get. 

Check the Criminal Record

The next thing you should do is assess your roommate’s criminal record. You should not judge a person by a first impression. Everyone tries to portray a nicer version. Therefore, try to look between the lines. 

You can take help from public records to get more details about a person. You can check criminal records to check whether or not that person is involved in different criminal acts. 

Assess the financial background

Although credit scores don’t find a spot in the background search, it’s one of the most concrete ways to assess a person’s credibility. If a person has a good credit score, it indicates financial stability, which means that the individual is paying bills and rent on time. As a result, you and your roommate will no longer face any challenging situations related to paying bills and rent. 

You can use any other financial screening process to evaluate a person’s financial stability. You can ask for the previous rent slips or bank statements. Further, if your roommate doesn’t mind, you can even ask for the monthly wages. 

Get a Confirmation From References

For sure, you have got some references that your roommate has given. You can contact them individually. However, it’s better to meet them in person. You can better judge them by evaluating their gestures. Sometimes, people mention their friends as references. But, you should try to get the contact details of family members to build your trust. 

Final Thoughts

As mentioned earlier, don’t trust anyone blindly. You never know someone who pretends to be your well-wisher carries evil feelings. That’s why seek help from reliable resources. Whether you opt to perform a background check using a website like Fast People Search or want to look at a criminal record, it’s better to find a reliable source.