Combat boots and skinny shades: Has fashion entered the Matrix?

Whether you love long leather coats or skinny shades, 2023’s winter season has taken a futuristic fashion twist as style icons enter the Matrix.

The 1999 film franchise may not be a spring chicken, but iconic characters Neo, Trinity and Morpheus are inspiring Gen Z fashion trends two decades after appearing on our screens.

This could have something to do with TikTok’s obsession with Y2K. We’ve seen the low-cut flares return, and the crochet-style tops hit the high street on the back of a social media buzz alone. Could the Matrix be the next Y2K fashion obsession?

Don’t just take our word for it, plenty of celebrities are sporting their own take on ‘Matrix Fashion’ in 2023. From Hailey Beiber to Kylie Jenner, there are plenty of style icons embracing outfits with a sci-fi twist.

Combat boots and skinny shades: Has fashion entered the Matrix?

How has The Matrix influenced fashion?

The Matrix has taught us many things about fashion. From remembering accent colours to prioritising black statement pieces, there are plenty of ways that the early naughties franchise is influencing style in 2023.

Combat boots and skinny shades: Has fashion entered the Matrix?

Black is back

Can you remember Trinity’s all-in-one black leather suit or Neo’s famous a-line black blazer? Whilst dodging agents, these slick outfit choices made them look powerful and especially like they meant business. 

As we see more black staples creep into winter wardrobes in 2023, it’s time to embrace long-line black coats, staple shifts and black combat boots. Incorporating black into your lookbook ensures effortless style and a power suit like no other.         

Bringing back the accent colours

Morpheus was the king of an accent colour. Can you remember his bright green tie that was paired with his black attire in the first movie?

In this case, the green represented the colour of the Matrix code, but the franchise saw more pops of blue and yellow throughout, reinforcing how important colour can be when telling a story.

Accenting has been in fashion for a while, but bright colours complimenting darker shades have been brought back into the mainstream recently. From adding pops of colour using accessories to incorporating complementing tones into darker patterns. This is one style tip not to forget when entering the fashion matrix. 

Skinny shades & futuristic frames   

Combat boots and skinny shades: Has fashion entered the Matrix?

We can’t talk about ‘The Matrix’ and forget about their famous specs. In the movie franchise, small geometric shades were used to cover one’s eyes and hide their thoughts and intentions. 

Better still, these funky frames added an edge to an already striking outfit. Combat boots, long leather jackets and skinny shaded became the statement look for Matrix characters Neo, Trinity and Morpheus.

Now, Matrix-inspired eyewear has been picked up by a number of top designers. Geometric designs, minimalistic frames and tinted lenses have become all the range for high-end brands like Prada and Gucci, as well as low cost high street alternatives such as Primark & H&M.     

Meet the style icons bringing ‘The Matrix’ back into fashion

While Matrix-inspired trends are hitting the Gen Z demographic via TikTok and Instagram, this Y2K style has been made viral by the likes of Gigi Hadid, Hailey Beiber and Julia Fox, all of who have been spotted wearing Matrix-inspired looks this winter. 

Take Hailey Beiber, for example. After her post-gym outfit went viral across social media, sporting a long-line leather coat, skinny shades and chunky statement shoes, she has since become known for rocking powerful black-inspired looks, as you can see all over her Instagram.

Combat boots and skinny shades: Has fashion entered the Matrix?

Another celebrity who knows how to work a long-line leather jacket is Kylie Jenner. Sporting this oversized leather statement coat and pointed geometric inspired heals, we’re getting Matrix vibes mixed with high-fashion style.

Combat boots and skinny shades: Has fashion entered the Matrix?

While celebrity styles are always changing, it’s clear that chunky shades are out and mini frames are in. As we swap pastels for monotone and a puffer coat for a trench, could Matrix-inspired fashion dominate the 2023 style scene? 

As we head towards spring, expect to see more of those all-important accent colours thrown into the mix, especially as the weather becomes warmer. However, as far as skinny shades and long-line jackets go, we think they’re here to stay.