How to Have 16000 Followers on Instagram Without Lifting a Finger

Instagram — everyone seems to keep raving about it and while it is really a neat thing to set up a Instagram account and have a targeted list of followers, it’s disturbing how many people spread this “have xx thousand followers within the first month” messages; it becomes especially strange, if the person Posting or sending it via direct message, has about 300 followers and is following 500 and this already over a time period exceeding two month. The reason for this can be, that they are not using their ‘own’ method when they try to sell, or — what is more likely — this method doesn’t work.
It’s easy to tell what isn’t working, but it’s even more interesting to actually know what IS working. One thing which isn’t working is: I don’t invest my time, no effort, no Posts no ideas, only a miraculous program and suddenly a huge, highly targeted and responsive list of followers pops up from somewhere, eager to buy everything I throw in front of them. This will not happen. It will not happen in one month and it will not happen in one year — why? Because other people are pretty much the same as I am: I don’t see a value in following someone? There are no tweets only sales pitches? They obviously have no clue what they are doing but Post things like “use this — it made me 6.543,32 Dollar the first week” and you can tell this is a blatant lie? Why on earth would I follow such a person?
What you need to do, to get a larger group of followers on Instagram is the following and Buy Instagram Followers UK:

  1. You need to know why you are on Instagram: would you like to catch up with friends? Do you intend to boost your online business? If you want to boost your business — which segment are you looking at? This is essential to build a followers list, actually interested in what you want to offer.
  2. Select a suitable Instagram-name, set up you bio, upload your picture, choose a Instagram background; if possible enter the link to your homepage or your Blog. A corporate site is fine too — in the beginning. On the long run you would like to show people who you are. It is far better if someone looks at your homepage and clicks on an offer than if you wave it in front of his or her nose all the time, hoping they will finally sign in.
  3. Search for people on Instagram with the keywords you target in their bio. If you are looking for network marketers, look for: network marketer, Internet marketing, entrepreneur — get some ideas! You can follow people with simply clicking on the follow button. Don’t use some kind of automated tool, at least not in the beginning: you don’t have control over whom you follow and you want to know who is on your following list.
  4. Check out interesting profiles and follow their users, but don’t automatically follow all followers of people with a follower list of more than about 10,000 followers. This list is not targeted enough anymore. What will happen if you have more and more followers: people will start to follow you. That’s OK because they somehow found you and like what they saw, but they might not be your target market.
  5. Be patient! Up to 2000 people is what you can basically follow, as many as you like, but 2000 is a Instagram set limit. Unfollow people who are not following you on a regular basis, but wait a few days to give them time to catch up with you. I usually unfollow people who don’t follow back after three days. This is a personal choice. I like the exchange of ideas. For me, Instagram is a fast and easy way to exchange information with other people. For ideas exchange, I use the direct message function on Instagram. If a person is not following me, I can not send a direct message; hence I unfollow those who don’t follow me. To unfollow people, you can use an automated tool – it will save you a lot of time.
  6. Set up a nice autoresponder direct message when someone follows you. Don’t try to sell something in this message. If you don’t know what to write, just say “Thank you for the follow! Have a great day!” – think about a friendly response.
  7. Be polite, informative and don’t lie. If you are sipping your coffee, you can tweet that. Having questions about a topic? Post your question. Problems? Post them; someone might know the answer. You had a great day? Post it! Just reading an informative free e-book? Post the link (which hopefully is your affiliate link). Mix personal tweets with business Posts.
  8. Check your direct messages on a regular basis. The moment you follow someone and someone is following you back, a direct message might be sent to you. Be aware, that these are automated messages (most of the time), but you can tell something about your follower by the way this message looks: is it a blatant sales pitch? A nice welcome? Interesting?
  9. Try to build a relationship with your Buy Instagram Followers UK. Of course you can’t have a relationship with all of them, but if you like the profile or homepage, why not send a nice direct message letting them know you liked their Blog or share their opinion an a certain topic?
  10. Keep an eye on Instagram limits and don’t try to follow more people or send more messages per day than Instagram will allow you. Don’t do anything which will result in you getting banned from Instagram.
  11. Keep an eye on your Instagram account and log into it daily. You don’t need to spend a lot of time: just a quick ‘hello’, check your direct messages and the number of your followers. If you Posted something and suddenly are missing a substantial number of followers, you might have offended them with you Post. It could also be a bug with Instagram, so before panicking, go and ask the Instgaram help desk. If Instagram is OK, you need to re-think your Posts.

Does this all sound like: don’t lift a finger and get a huge list of followers? Hopefully not! But I can tell it’s a lot of fun to have a list of followers you can actually interact with — even if it means I have to life a finger every now and then.