How do you know if someone blocked you on Instagram 2019?

If you are using Instagram you may want to know about your followers which you may have gained by looking upon Best site to Buy Instagram followers uk or even organically. Sometimes you may end up losing followers or not seeing posts from someone and wonder – are you blocked or not? If you are not seeing them on your feed lately, chances are you might just be. Now is a good time to start looking into the matter and check out. Here are a few ways you can check if someone blocked you on Instagram 2019:
Firstly, try to search the username
One of the easiest and quickest ways of finding out if you are blocked or not is to search for the username in the search bar. Usually, whenever we search anyone’s name, their account will come in front of us. It usually comes quicker if you have previously visited their account. Even if you have entered the whole username on the search bar and their account does not show up means you have been blocked.
On the other hand, if you do come across their profile and when you open it shows No Posts Yet, then it means you are blocked from viewing.
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Find them in your comment box
If you open any comment section where there was previously a comment from that profile, search for the comment again. Or if you know who they follow or which post they liked or commented on, you might want to check that post and their profile. After you come across their profile, click on their username and confirm whether you are blocked or not.
Yet again if you are blocked you will not be able to see any posts on their profile. You may want to check out the best site to buy followers if you are worried about losing one.

Search for a profile in Tagged Pictures

Just like you searched for their comment, now you can try to locate them in any tagged pictures.
Go to their friends or followers account and see for any picture of them together. Even if you are blocked a tag will appear with their name. Open the link and you will be directed to their profile. If you are blocked you will see no posts on their profile.
What if I have blocked them already? How to check if i am blocked then?
If you want to check you are blocked or not and you have already blocked that profile, then you will need to first unlock it and view. After you do that, you may want to search their profile, look for their comments under any posts or check their tag in a photo to confirm whether you are blocked or not. If you are blocked, you will not see any posts available on their profile.
So these are some easy ways to check if you are blocked or not. If you are worried about losing followers you can always find best site to buy followers.