Failed PMP Exam? – How to Pass the PMP Re-Exam?

PMP stands for Project Management Professional. The Project Management Institute is responsible for hiring Project Management Professionals. Project Management Professionals need to promote the projects, organize the projects based on the knowledge and skills. These Project Management Professionals are hired through the exam, named, PMP. Any kind of industry requires its own Project Management Professional to expand the business. 
How important is the role of Project Management Professional in any aspect of the industry?
Project Management Professional is responsible for organizing the projects, make planning’s accordingly, and collaborating with the client. Additionally, he/she also needs to identify the hurdles appearing during the evolution of the project. 
PMP Examination:
PMP exam is not so easy and straightforward. The duration of an examination is four hours. The paper consists of a total of 200 multiple-choice questions. Out of 200 questions, a candidate who answers 106 questions correctly will pass the examination. But, most of the students are not able to crack this exam. The difficulty level of the exam is relatively high. The questions in the exam are set in such a way that they test the candidates thinking ability, understanding, and a way of problem-solving. 
These questions will be based on six major aspects. They are ITTO, decision-based, situation-based, formula-based, interpretational, and professional and responsibility-based. 
Most of the candidates are not able to answer ITTO-based queries. They score very fewer marks in these types of questions. Along with ITTO, many students score extremely fewer marks in situation-based and formula-based queries. 
In order to score more in ITTO types of questions, the candidates must first understand the theory. It is impossible to score more if the candidates try to by-heart ITTOs. For the ITTO questionings, the candidates should refer to PMBOK Guide. 
Coming to the formula-based queries, many candidates leave them unsolved. They think that these queries are extremely hard to compute and are tome consuming. But, this is not the right way. If candidates understand the logic, they can solve any formula-based query. Also, practising formula-based queries before the exam will surely help in hitting up your score. 
Another difficult aspect of questions is situation-based queries. In such types of problems, you need to think like a professional and answer the queries. You need to think like you are actually working for an organization.  
What should be kept in mind while you give the PMP exam?
The most important thing is you should not give up after you fail the PMP exam for the first time. You need to work hard and believe in yourself to achieve success. Because nothing is impossible. Next, you should not use any free resource to study. Always use an online PMP exam simulator. To sign up into this simulator, you need to pay a little amount. This online simulator will deliver you a large number of question sets. You can practise them and can take command over it. 
Another major thing you need to take into account is the mistakes that you made while giving the first exam. Make sure that you don’t repeat those. Try to work on the type of question that you were unable to solve earlier. Practise them for several numbers of times. 
There is a PMP discussion forum available. If any of the topics are not understandable, you must feel free to ask on this forum. The doubts will be cleared and you will get a clear idea about the topic. 
Another crucial thing is keeping a positive attitude towards the examination. Also, make yourself strong and reliable before going to the examination. Always think that you are able to answer any question. Further, read the given question twice, understand it and then try to attempt. Sometimes, candidates did not interpret the correct meaning of the question. 
Always keep in mind that relying on the only online simulator will not help. You must also refer to several books, online notes, etc. Struggle to collect more fresh and recent information. Referring to new data will aid in solving new types of queries. Finally, keep in mind that you are allowed to attempt the exam only three times in one year.
Follow all the above-mentioned tips and you will surely crack the exams. The competition has increased in every aspect of the career. So, you need to always be the best in any way.