Importance of Prose and Poetry Summary while Preparing for Board Exams

English is an equally important subject for CBSE Students, the same as Science, Social Science or Mathematics. Acing the subject is easy with hard work and commitment. Along with acing the grammar and spellings that make up the language, students also have to understand thoroughly the topics and concepts discussed in class. CBSE Class 9 English Textbook consists of an interesting collection of prose and poetry. A student who understands these topics from the textbook will easily score well in the English examinations. 

As per the marks’ weightage for the CBSE Class 9 English exam paper, it is seen that about 50% marks are allotted for the recalling, reasoning, appreciation skills and for the students’ ability to apply literary conventions as well as illustrate and justify their answers. From this marking scheme, students can easily realise the significance of summaries of poetry or prose such as the road not taken summary, the fun they had summary and so on in acing the subject. Other factors that amount to these marks also include extracting relevant information, identifying the central theme and sub-theme, understanding the writers’ message and writing fluently and more. 

Benefits of Learning Poetry 

Poetry is one of the oldest and the most touted pieces of art, not to be dismissed as whimsical or unimportant. It is the expression of feelings and a window to the authors’ deepest feelings. Reading or memorising poetry provides many benefits, as listed below: 

  • Along with enhancing the memory, it helps to improve the verbals skills as well 
  • Poetry helps to improve the critical thinking skills of the students 
  • Studying poetry is the best way to develop empathy and gain deep insight into the topic
  • Memorising the poetry helps to build confidence and is the best way to understand the concept 

Benefits of Prose Summary 

Prose summaries are written in simple language, which helps the students to understand the topics discussed thoroughly. Students can easily utilise these prose summaries to ace the exams. 

  • Prose helps to enhance the grammatical skills of the students 
  • It is also the best resource to learn the natural flow of speech 
  • Prose emphasises on teaching vocabulary and structure of a sentence 
  • The prose is also the best way to enhance the extensive and intensive reading skills of the students 

Though the textbooks are the best study material to prepare for the exams, students of class 9 are also advised to read up the prose and poetry summary to get the best results. One such prose summary includes the fun they had summary.  This summary is a modest attempt to help students understand the chapter from this CBSE Class 9 English Beehive textbook. 

Thus, we can conclude that studying the summary is the best possible resource to refer to the lesson wise summaries and to understand the key points. An ideal summary should only contain an opinion that confirms the statements from the original textbook. Learning from the summary, meanwhile also helps to save a lot of time on revision and it helps to score well in the final exams.

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