Interesting and Effective Ways to Clear the Blocked Drain

There are certain warning signs which show that there is a problem with the drainage system. These signs are very common like the sink take longer time to drain out the water. It becomes worse if you find that there is water pooling around your feet. Of course, the result is bad odor and a strange environment all around. These are just the signals and then one fine day you find that your drain is completely blocked.  In this case, you can use some DIT techniques to clean your drain. You can pour some hot water mixed with vinegar to clean the clogged areas of your drainage system or you can use some plunger to plug out the garbage from your drain. But with these techniques, you can clean the drain initially and to clean your drain completely, you need to hire the trained professionals only.

What Is the Cause of The Clogged Drain?

The most important reason for blocked drain is the accumulation of fatty substances in the kitchen sink. They actually go down the drain easily but get clogged in the pipes. It gradually becomes thicker and the drain becomes slow and ultimately there is a complete block. The food particles are another reason for a blocked drain. The vegetable peels and the food particles get trapped in the curved pipe beneath the sink. Hair is the most common factor for the drains getting blocked. Actually, the hair easily goes through the drain and again when it gets accumulated in the pipes, the entire line gets blocked. This usually occurs below the drain. The soap scum may be another reason for the clogged drains.
Blocked Drain

Few Households Remedies

  • The use of bent wire hanger is an excellent way to clear the blocked drain. It may sound simple, but it is really effective. You can just take a regular wire and straighten it. Then just bend one end to create a small hook. You push it into the drain and start fishing for what has blocked the drain. You might get the entire gunk out of the drain and then just pour hot water to clear the drain completely.
  • The second effective method is to use baking soda and vinegar. The best way to use this is by mixing the two in equal proportion say about one-third of a cup. You will find a fizz that develops and without wasting any time you have to just pour in into the blocked drain.
  • The terrific tool to unclog the drain is with the help of a wet and dry vacuum. A first you have to set it to vacuum liquids and then covering the vent and creating a tightened seal over the drain, juts turn the vacuum with the highest setting into the clog drain. This is a very powerful method to draw the clog up to the pipe and then into the vacuum bag.
  • Caustic soda has been proved to be very effective in clearing the blocked drain. The procedure is to take at least three fourth gallon of water in a bucket and then add three cups of caustic soda. When you stir it, it will begin to fizz and heat up. Then you have to just pour it into the clogged drain and leave it for about 20 to 30 minutes. Lastly flush the drain with boiling water.

The clogged drains are the most common problems that are faced by any household. It actually strikes when you least expect it to happen. It is harmful to the drainage system and is considered to be a potential threat to the homes or the business facility. The results of clogged drains may be even dangerous.