How to Deal with A Blocked Sewer?

A Sewage system plays the most significant role in waste water management. A sewer is like an underground tunnel which is the main channel for carrying the wastewater. A city sewer city carries waste water from houses, schools, hospitals, other properties, and roads. It is a junction where all the drains coming from different sources combine. So regardless there is a million kind of waste material floating below the surface.
Houses are connected to sewer through drainage pipes. Whenever buying a new home, there are certain basic requirements you need to look for in your home’s sewage system. A poorly constructed house will make you spend more than you expected. But even though everything is on point, problems do arise occasionally.

Problems Arising in the Sewer

Some of the sewer problems that are faced by house owners are given below:

  • A sewer line may get leaked due to pressure.
  • There can be gas problems- The foul odor from the sewer spreading the entire house. This happens due to insufficient house trapping.
  • The absence of proper pitch. This refers to the downward angle at which the sewer line is placed. But if that is not done properly, it can lead to all the sewer water coming back up into the home through the openings from which they were disposed.
  • The most common issue faced by house owners is blocked sewer. Solid wastes get trapped in the pipe cause to stop or reduce the flow of water.
  • There can be rooting issues too. Sometimes tree roots grow inside the sewer pipes through small fissures. They can completely invade the pipes leading to the blocked sewer.

Things to address when buying a new home

  • Check if the ventilation pipes are strategically placed as they help in maintaining the pressure for the smooth flow of water through the drainage pipes and also eliminate the foul smell produced from them.
  • Check out the house traps. These traps are a bit curved to hold some water to seal the gas odor in the pipe itself.

Ways to deal with a blocked sewer

Blocked Sewer.
Most of the problems might require professional help. Sometimes blocked sewer issue can be solved on its own. Check out these three easy methods below if you are dealing with clogged drain lines.

  • Plunger: This is a quick method of unclogging the drain. Up and down motion of the sealed plunger creates changing pressure inside the pipe. The solid particles eventually loosen up and get released. Warm soapy water should be poured down the sink before plunging. Soap helps in easy movement. Plunging may not work if the blocked sewer is due to oil or grease deposits.
  • Toilet snake: When plunger does not work, make use of a toilet snake. It is a thick electric wire which is made to travel through the pipe to scoop out the solid waste.
  • Caustic Cleaner: For dissolving greasy deposits, food, hair, get a caustic cleaner from the market. This chemical can be toxic in nature so make sure you handle with care.
  • Hot water and soap: Add 2 tablespoons of soap or dishwasher in a bucket of hot water and pour it down the sink. The excessive soiling in the pipes leading to blocked sewer will soften and wear out slowly clearing the path. Try this method only if you have ceramic or metal pipes as PVC pipes may melt due to contact with hot water, leading to more damage.

Some other methods that will require professional assistance in extreme cases are hydro Jet and excavation. So, this is all about sewage problems and ways of dealing with blocked sewer.