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Cristiano Amon is the CEO of Nvidia, the global leader in visual computing technologies and AI. He oversees the innovative technologies powering self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, and gaming experiences. Since its founding in 1993, Amon has watched the company grow from a small startup to the global powerhouse it is today. In this interview, we’ll get to know Cristiano Amon – his background, his role as CEO, and his vision for the future of Nvidia.

Early Background

Cristiano Amon started his career at Intel, where he worked for 14 years, eventually earning the title of General Manager of Intel Mobile Platforms with responsibility for the growth of the mobile phone business. It was during this time that he gained a deep understanding of the industry and the opportunities that it had to offer.

From Intel, he moved to Qualcomm in 2011 as Executive Vice President and Co-President of QCT, the chip maker’s chipset and software solutions business. While at Qualcomm, Amon worked on growing the company’s 3G and 4G businesses, and helped launch the company’s 5G technology.

Career with Nvidia

In 2020, Amon was appointed CEO of Nvidia, a company he had been watching since its founding. He brought with him a wealth of experience in mobile technologies, a sector that is becoming increasingly important in the world of AI and machine learning.

As CEO, Amon is committed to leading Nvidia with a focus on long-term growth and value creation. He’s also working towards expanding the company’s reach and diversifying its product and services portfolio, with a goal of creating the infrastructure for the intelligent edge and the connected future.

Vision of the Future

Cristiano Amon is passionate about advancing the boundaries of computer science, particularly when it comes to the development of autonomous vehicles and robotics. To achieve this, he plans to use Nvidia’s core strengths, such as its strong research and development capabilities, to expand the company’s reach into these areas.

Amon believes in the potential for Nvidia to continue to make strides in AI, deep learning, and other cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies. He plans to take advantage of these opportunities to continue to develop the company’s chip technology, so that it can be used in more and more areas, from virtual assistants to robots.

Creating an Organization Focused on Innovation

An essential part of Amon’s strategy is to create an organizational structure focused on innovation. He believes that continuous learning and attention to detail are vital for success and has implemented programs to promote growth and collaboration within Nvidia.

Leveraging Strategic Partnerships

Amon also believes in the importance of strategic partnerships. He works closely with customers, suppliers, and strategic partners to find innovative solutions to the toughest problems. In the past, this has resulted in the development of the Nvidia Drive platform for self-driving cars and the groundbreaking Maxine AI software.

Leading Through Diversity and Inclusion

Amon understands the importance of diversity and inclusion in creating a successful organization. Throughout his tenure at Nvidia, he has worked to create an inclusive culture and to develop opportunities for under-represented groups. He believes that by investing in diversity, innovation, and collaboration, Nvidia can continue to build trust and confidence with its customers and partners.

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Amon is also committed to ensuring that Nvidia’s operations are environmentally sustainable. He instituted a carbon-neutral operation in 2019, and he has pushed for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources for the company’s data centers.

Rethinking Mobility with AI Technologies

Amon is passionate about using AI technologies to rethink the way we travel. He believes this could be the next big breakthrough, and recently announced a partnership with Lyft to develop an autonomous ridesharing platform. Through this partnership, he hopes to create an end-to-end platform that will make transportation smarter, safer, and more efficient.


Overall, Amon’s background and vision make him an ideal CEO for Nvidia. With his expertise in mobile technologies, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and dedication to using innovation to make the world a better place, he is the perfect leader to take the company into the future. As he leads the company in the coming years, Amon’s focus on leveraging technology for social good will no doubt have a lasting impact.

Related FAQs

Q: What experience did Cristiano Amon have when he joined Nvidia?

A: When Cristiano Amon joined Nvidia he had 14 years of experience from Intel, where he was General Manager of Intel Mobile Platforms, and from Qualcomm, where he was Executive Vice President and Co-President of QCT. 

Q: What is Amon’s goal for Nvidia?

A: Amon’s goal for Nvidia is to expand the company’s reach and diversify its product and services portfolio, with a goal of creating the infrastructure for the intelligent edge and the connected future. 

Q: What is interview ceo amon nvidiaarmtibkencnet?

A: This is an interview with Cristiano Amon, CEO of Nvidia, where he discusses his background, his role as CEO, and his vision for the future of Nvidia.

Q: About ceo cristiano amon nvidiaarmtibkencnet.

A: Cristiano Amon is the CEO of Nvidia, a global leader in visual computing technologies and AI. Amon has extensive experience in mobile technologies, and is an advocate for diversity and inclusion, environmental sustainability, and leveraging technology for social good.

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